Heavy D Wiki, Bio, Wife, Death and Net Worth

Dwight Errington Myers, better known as Heavy D is an is an American singer, actor, rapper, record producer and a former lead singer of the Hip-hop musical band named Heavy D & the Boyz. He was born on the 24th of May 1967 in Mandeville, Jamaica to a nurse mother Eulahlee Lee and his father Clifford Vincent Myers, was a technician. When he was a kid, his family migrated to the United States and settles in New York City, during the early 70s. An American by nationality, he belongs to white ethnicity and follows Christianity as his religion. Due to severe health issues, his death took place in the October of 2011, when he was 44 years of age.

As his name suggests, Heavy was quiet a heavy man physically. He had a good height of about 191 cm, which is about 6 feet and a couple of inches tall. He was also a very chubby man, and had put a lot of weight that was even greater for someone of his height. He measured about 340 pounds; which is a 154 kg. Known for his French cut beard, Heavy had light brown eyes, and black hair that he always kept very short. His serious natured face often gave impression of being a short-tempered and over proud or arrogant. But actually he was a good-natured person who was always actively helping people, cracking jokes and making friends with people. He used to work out regularly in the gym, although that didn’t make much difference on his body shape. With a high search demand for his shirtless pictures on the media, there aren’t any as it seems.

Not much is hidden about the personal life of Heavy D, although he doesn’t have a long dating list. He has had two girlfriends but had never been married with any one of them. He was romantically involved with Antonia Lafoso, and after being together for about a year, they had a daughter together named Xea Myers. The couple broke up soon and after remaining single for a year or so, he was seen together with another woman named Halle Berry since 2009. They were together until Heavy’s death in 2011 and although rumors stated that they were on the verge of divorce, but Halle was never really his wife. The two of them didn’t have any children together (biological/ adopted). False accusations that stated Heavy of being sexually gay were never really true, although they were not denied as well.

He had released four albums in his career: Waterbed Hev (1997), Heavy (1999), Vibes (2008) and Love Opus (2011). Some of his songs like Queen Majesty, Keep It Comin, Big Daddy and others were some of his biggest hits, which led him to success and awards/ nominations in: Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album (2009), Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance (1997) and Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play (1996). He had a wide fan following on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, and after he was dead in 2011, his popularity spread even further. You can read his biography in Wiki or IMDB in order to know more about his life and career. After his death, his estimated net worth was around $350 thousand US dollars.