Hopsin Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Dating and Net Worth

Best known for his rapping style, Hopsin has created the unique sensation in America as well as other parts of the worlds. His real name is Marcus Jamal Hopson who was born in 1985. He has just reached the age of 29 and has achieved the great success in this young age. He has a large number of fan followers in his social networking sites including 445 thousand followers only in twitter.

Besides rapping, he is also engaged in acting, directing and record producing. He grew up in Los Angeles where he became passionate about the rapping. From his early age, he determined to become the successful rapper in the future. He has spent most of his school days life practicing how to improvise his rapping style.

He mostly got influenced by Eminem and pursued his career in the music field from 2003. In this short period of time, he has achieved the height of successes. In 2003, he recorded his first album “Emurge” which became very popular among the teenager listeners. Later in 2007, Hopsin signed the contract with Ruthless Records. It is also said that he is the one who has made it possible to win the glory of the Ruthless Records back.

Hopsin introduced his second album “Raw” in the market in 2010. This album also brought sensation in the market. He also released his song “Sag My Pants” in YouTube channel from which he got 24 million views. He has recorded “Knock Madness” and “Pound Syndrome” in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Both of the albums were the great hits.

He has also appeared in the TV shows as well as the movies. He got chance to appear in “Fame” in 2009 where he played the role of senior rapper. In case of TV movies, he has appeared in “That’s So Raven” in 2002. He is also included in video game called “Battle Rap Stars” in 2011.

Hopsin has also been into various controversies. He came in the news because of the arrest in Orlando where there has been the dispute in the night club. He is the hater of Odd Future’s music and according to him; it plays the random lyrical contents. Though Hopsin is American by nationality and is of black ethnicity, he has been able to unite people together through his rapping.

He is not married yet and has not been bothered to find his future wife as well. Though there are gossips about his girlfriend and dating stuff, he has not publicly disclosed about it. Hopsin is 1.74 meter tall and has the weight of 69 kg. Recently, there has been the news that he is moving to Australia with his family and getting retirement from his singing career. Hope that it is not true as he is one of the competent singers in the music industry.

Because of his gay nature, he does not bother about his surroundings much. He has the net worth of $2 million. His shirtless pictures are also available in the web. You can watch his music videos and songs through YouTube and can follow him in twitter and Instagram. To know about his biography, you can visit Wikipedia and IMDB.