Hugh Herr Wiki, Bio, Married, Girlfriend or Gay and Net Worth

Hugh Herr is an American engineer, biophysicist and a rock climber as well and is known for his studies and research in the field of physics. After living the early half of his life as an adventurer and a climber, he started to focus more on academics and then started to study Physics at the Millersville University. He also took interest into engineering and went to MIT where he studied mechanical engineering. He finally completed his study from Harvard University, where he gained a PhD degree in biophysics. A learned man and an adventurer, he became famous for his researches that have been helpful as a lead to other ground breaking scientist proofs and theories. To know more about him, you can read his biography in Wiki or also follow him on his Instagram account. His estimated net worth value is between 1 to 2 million USD.

Hugh was born on the 25th of October, 1964 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America. He was born into a middle class working family, and is of mixed ethnicity; although being an American by nationality. His father Phillip Herr was a German, retired army who had served the National socialist party under Hitler. After the Second World War was over, he moved to the United States and got married with Elena Charles who was a nurse at the local hospital. Having been divorced at the first place, the two of them got married after short period and started a family; after which Phillip took up to business and was away most of the time. Hugh was their second child; born after a daughter in the first place. He is currently 51 years of age, in 2015.

With his daring climbing always being a risk, Herr has lost both of his natural legs in an accident that occurred in 1982 when he and a fellow climber Jeff Batzer were caught up in a difficult scenario. While they were climbing up Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the weather conditions were so harsh that they had to fall back and take cover at the Great Gulf for 72 hours, and it was there that the snow took their legs. After being seriously injured, they received help from the state and during that process one of the volunteer were killed in an Avalanche. Upon returning to hospital, his legs were surgically removed and he has been using prosthetic legs to do what he was forbidden to do; climbing. These legs help him to stand in steeps and adjust according to his need; making his height from 5 feet to 8 feet.

Not much is known regarding his personal life and affairs, although there have been rumors about him being sexually gay. But that has been proved wrong as he and his wife, Patricia Ellis Herr has had two children together; and both of them are daughters named Alexandra and Sage. Their eldest daughter who is also an adventurer has done some rock climbing and her adventures have been commemorated in the book Up: A Mother and Daughter’s Peakbagging Adventure. Patricia, who happens to have an Anthropology degree, is an independent writer and you can find her books in Known for his adventures and creativity, Hugh is not particularly famous for dating a lot of girlfriends in his life. He and Patricia have come a long way since they got married and everything seems to be good between the couple.