Ian Mckellen Wiki, Wife or Gay/Boyfriend and Net Worth

He is a legendary actor and there is no doubt about it. He is none other than the great Ian McKellen. He was born in the year 1939 on 25th of May and this makes his age 76 at this time. At this age he has already been a legend and his work has always made audiences happy. He was born in a place called Burnley, which lies in United Kingdom. He belongs to the ethnicity white and nationality British. He is a tall man as he has a great height of 1.80 meters. There is nothing he has not achieved in his wonderful career. Wiki sites also contain information on his biography.   

He is a legend and he has been a legend because of his work in TV shows and movies. He played the role of Plowden in a TV show called The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling in the year 1964 and this can be taken as his debut role in TV. In the year 1965 he appeared in a TV series called The Wednesday Play and his work was very impressive. He also played the role of John Keats in a very popular TV show called Solo in the year 1970. In the year 1982 he played the role of Paul in a big TV series called The Scarlet Pimpernel and his work impressed not only the audiences but also the critics. Other movies and TV shows to his credits till now are Walter, The Simpsons, Vicious, Alfred the Great, Plenty, Zina, Scandal, To Die For, Restoration, Emile, Apt Pupil and Jack and Sarah.   

He was dating his boyfriend and partner Brian Taylor from the year 1964 to the year 1972. He never married him. The couple had problems in their relationship and because of those problems they parted their ways.  He has not married till now and does not have children as well. He started dating his second partner Sean Mathias from the year 1978 but this relationship of his also could not work out. As he is gay, he will never have a wife or children or a girlfriend. He does not have children as well and he has not decided to adopt as well. As he has never been married, he has not been through the process of divorce also.

He has maintained his health till now with regular exercise and good diet. There were some hoaxes of him being dead or about his death, which was ridiculous, and he is still alive and making other feels alive. Those stupid people also posted in the media saying he died. He was very good looking when he was young and still he has not lost his charm. He has a jaw dropping net worth of $55 million dollars and this proves how successful he has been in his career. It is all his talent and hard work that has made him this rich today.  

He is active in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. He has a brilliant 460 thousand followers in Instagram and this proves how popular he is in the site. He is fond of uploading his pictures in the site to share them.