What Tarek El Moussa has to say about his ex-wife’s new marriage

Not every marriage is meant to last. In the United States, more than 800,000 couples divorce every year, knocking one third off the 2,000,000+ marriages that happen annually. Separation is never an easy thing, especially when you’ve been together a long time. However, it becomes even more complicated when your livelihood revolves around your marriage.

When Tarek and Christina El Moussa burst onto the scene, they were the loved-up couple flipping houses and making a profit. Their show – Flip or Flop – became one of HGTV’s biggest hits, and with its success came the couple’s rise to fame.

However, it wasn’t meant to be for the El Moussas, and in 2018 the pair finalized their divorce. The future of their show hung in the balance with viewers wondering how they’d be able to work together, especially once they started seeing new people. Would they be able to handle seeing their former spouse in someone else’s arms?

It seems we’ve now gotten our answer after Tarek released several Instagram videos following Christina’s recent nuptials.

Tearing them apart

They say you should never work with the people you love because it could destroy your relationship. Unfortunately, the El Moussas didn’t heed that warning when they became the faces of one of HGTV’s most beloved shows.

If they’d never found fame, would the pair still be the light of each other’s lives? There’s no way of knowing for sure, but things probably would have gone very differently if it weren’t for the bright lights of TV.

Building an empire

In 2012, life for the El Moussas changed forever. The previous year, Tarek had filmed an audition tape for HGTV, and the channel was impressed by his charisma and work ethic. They soon snapped him and his wife up for their own show where they bought houses and renovated them, later selling them on for a profit.

Within a couple of years, their program was one of the channel’s biggest hits, pulling in millions of viewers on a weekly basis. It became so popular that it spawned various spin-offs set in different locations, including Vegas, Atlanta, and Fort Worth. They’d created an empire, and it was all because they loved flipping houses. Considering how many shows are hosted on HGTV, the El Moussa’s success was no small accomplishment, but how long could they keep it going? No-one can be on top forever, no matter how hard they try.

A strong relationship

One of the reasons that Flip or Flop was performing so well on HGTV was because of their personal relationship. This is a common trend on the channel, with all of its most popular shows hosted by people who already have a close connection. Fixer Upper, their biggest series before its conclusion, was fronted by married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines, while twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott are the face of big ratings draw Property Brothers.

Viewers want something to invest in when they turn on HGTV, and seeing two people who care about each other work together provides that. Flip or Flop was big because Tarek and Christina complemented each other wonderfully, and it never seemed like they’d be without each other. Sure, there were some petty squabbles, but their relationship was rock solid. It gave people at home something to aspire to.