These are the impressive cars and bikes the Royal Family owns

The life of a Royal must be pretty luxurious, right? They get to choose from one of their many palaces and castles to enjoy on a daily basis, they get to ride around on private jets and fancy yachts, and they definitely don’t have to worry about being late for the bus. That’s because traveling is part and parcel of being a member of the Royal Family, which means they get to experience the best of the best in terms of their transportation.

While they are often ferried around by private chauffeurs and drivers, it’s safe to say that those in British high society also like to get behind the wheel themselves sometimes. They like to drive themselves from A to B, and they even get certain privileges when it comes to the rules of the road. After all, the Queen is the only person in the United Kingdom not required to own a driver’s license! But have you ever wondered what kind of cars and bikes these members of the Royal Family own? Some of these will get your engines revving.

Getting from A to B

Let’s be honest; the Royal Family is kind of a big deal. As some of the most important people in the UK, and possibly the world as a whole, they’re not going to be getting the bus or the subway in a hurry. While they have used public transport in the past, these have been rare occasions where they have been posing for a photo opportunity or attending a ribbon cutting.

Most of the time, these men and women are taken from A to B by their royal staff. Although they don’t have to drive, they do sometimes like to take the wheel and drive themselves. Because of this, they have a rather impressive collection of cars and bikes.

Prince Philip – Land Rover Freelander

Prince Philip may be nearing his centurion, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting behind the wheel. The Duke of Edinburgh was, until recently, the proud owner of a Land Rover Freelander. While he drove this car for many years, things took a turn for the worse in January 2019. While pulling out of a junction around the Sandringham Estate, Philip crashed into another car.

While he was unharmed, the car flipped onto its side, and a female passenger in the other car suffered a broken wrist. Because of the public outcry surrounding the crash, his age, and his ability to drive, Prince Philip later decided that it was best for him to give back his driver’s license. It’s believed that he will now rely on Royal staff to drive him.

Prince William and Kate Middleton – Bentley

As the future King and Queen Consort of the UK, it’s no secret that Prince William and Kate Middleton are kind of a big deal. Not only are the couple extremely well-loved and powerful, but their children are too. Because of this, they need to make their way around town safely and securely. To do this, they drive around in their Bentley. Of course, this isn’t just any old Bentley.

This car has been modified for extra protection and features bulletproof windows and a strong, steel exterior. It’s also super comfortable and features wifi and heated seats for the Royals to enjoy when they need to travel from one palace to another. Apparently, the couple are huge fans of the Bentley and have nicknamed it the Flying Spur.