Things Your Body Can Tell You About Your Health

The external and internal parts of the body are designed to function optimally as a unit. Good health requires that every component of the body is in excellent condition and a defect in one unit could be visible in other parts. Checkups should be done at regular intervals, however, some conditions can emerge between the time of the last checkup and the next. Bodily performance  and appearance could indicate the state of health of a person, and paying attention to the eyes, tongues and fingernails exposes one to observe the state of the health through them.

Continuing reading to understand the implications of how some of your external body parts react or feel, and what they could mean for health.


Fingernails must  have been excellently designed to makes our hands beautiful. But the main subject of manicure could also give off symptoms of medical conditions worthy to take note off. Although strong, pleasant looking and even perfect fingernails may not represent perfect health, some unpleasant nail appearances could signify some health conditions such as Pale nails.

Pale nails could be asymptomatic of serious illnesses such as anemia or malnutrition. If you have pale nails  and are experiencing other conditions, you might have to see the doctor pretty quick. Pale nails have been attributed to liver disease and heart failure