Things Your Body Can Tell You About Your Health

The external and internal parts of the body are designed to function optimally as a unit. Good health requires that every component of the body is in excellent condition and a defect in one unit could be visible in other parts. Checkups should be done at regular intervals, however, some conditions can emerge between the time of the last checkup and the next. Bodily performance  and appearance could indicate the state of health of a person, and paying attention to the eyes, tongues and fingernails exposes one to observe the state of the health through them.

Continuing reading to understand the implications of how some of your external body parts react or feel, and what they could mean for health.


The red taste device between  our jaws could be great indicators of one’s  health conditions. The way your tongue appears, or how it feels within your mouth could signal particular health conditions. Some colors,   patches or spots can show that there is an health condition that needs to be addressed. Observe your tongue often and watch out  for the following signs. The presence of one or more of  these could lead you to a visit to your dentist or doctor.

White Patches

The presence of white patches on your tongue could be a symptom of a fungal infection known as thrush. It is often a signal of a illness or the side effect of medication. It happens after the bacteria in the tongue are thrown of balance. Antibacterial drugs for instance can disrupt the bacteria balance in the tongue. White patches might also result when your teeth constantly grazes your tongue

White patches could signify more dire conditions, especially if you are a smoker. Painless white patches known as leukoplakia could be the result of the growth of excess cells on the tongue. If these patches are hard, it could be the presence of precancerous lesions and it Is advisable for smokers to stop