The Love Affair Of Game Of Thrones Actors In Real Life

They may be big stars on the screen, but you’d be surprised to learn that their love life is far from being the same in life as on stage. Let’s go see their partners off camera!

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

It is of course by these two that we will begin. The most fascinating thing is that they started their idyll on the set itself! We all remember the love-hate relationship between Jon Snow and the spiritual Ygrid. The alchemy of the couple on the set was so strong that you could almost feel it through the screen! And indeed, it went well on the other side of the screen! Kit acknowledged that their love affair began when they were filming in Iceland. It was official when they walked together on the red carpet in 2016. Their wedding was celebrated in June 2018. We would all have liked to be part of the guests!