TV Show Fails That Marked In The Industry, Find Out Which Series Has The Most Mistakes

After a long day of work, tuning in to your favorite TV series can help you relax. However, making a TV show is never easy. A lot of details must be applied when it comes to continuity. Shifting the camera to a different angle can result in unfortunate consequences. The TV mistakes are also one of the nitpicker’s pleasures as they immediately post it on social media, and becomes a trend. These TV mistakes are unavoidable, and it can sometimes be too late to fix it, as it is already aired on TV. This article will show you the apparent TV mistakes, and a hit TV show got the most of it.

1.True Blood: DVDs From the Future


Fangtasia, which is the vampire bar in the famous drama True Blood, has its mistakes. The place can be seen in flashbacks and was supposed to be a geeky video rental shop. Over several flashbacks, the store can be seen as having renovations and updates. But what got the viewers confused is that the store has ads announcing DVD rentals in the year 1996. Given that the series is supernatural, but having DVDs in 1996 is entirely unacceptable, as the mass distribution of DVDs is in 1997.