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2019 Healthcare Technology Trends that will interest you

Advancement in technology has greatly improved our lives. The health sector, in particular, has benefited from technological advancements in remarkable ways. Current trends in Healthcare technology will leave you astounded. Here are some for your perusal. Telemedicine Home consultation is made available with this virtual technology system. You can have […]

Interesting Facts About Dogs

A dog is man’s best friend. This statement is not just a cliché, it is true in various ways. Dogs provide companionship and even protection to humans. Do you think you know everything about dogs? You will be surprised how little you actually know. Sight in the dark Dogs are […]

Celebrities who changed their religion

People continue to learn and make various decisions all through their days on earth. This learning curve leads to the change of religious affiliations too sometimes. Celebrities are also not immune to making such decisions. Michael Jackson The King of Pop purportedly converted to Islam as a result of the […]