Ja Rule Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay and Net Worth

Jeffery Arkins a person known by his pet name or we can say his stage name Ja Rule. In the year 1976, which is leap year Ja Rule took birth in this earth. Taking the full Date of Birth its 29th February, 1976. He was born in the place named as Queens borough of New York City. His mother and his grandparents raised him. Along with the hip-hop group Cash Monkey Click, he statred his career in the year 1993. As his is a fantastic rapper, he has got a huge success in the musical field.  His ethnicity is African and American.

He has released many albums like Venni Vetti Vecci (1999), Rule 3:36 (2000), Pain Is Love (2001), The Last Temptation (2002), Blood in My Eye (2003), R.U.L.E. (2004), Hiatus, departure from Def Jam and The Inc. Records (2005–2009), Pain Is Love 2, prison, book, television show, and Genius Loves Company (2012–present), etc. He not only sings the songs but also writes them. He had composed the song girlfriend/boyfriend, which was liked by most of the people. Most of us know him only a great singer, but apart from being a singer he is also a great actor. His first film was a buddy movie with Pras. We can also see his appearance in the movie Fast and Furious. In 2013, he starred in I’m in Love with a Church Girl. In May 2015, Ja Rule prepared his first industry project by partnering with Billy McFarland, the CEO of Magnises, a credit card service company to become the original head and spokesman of that business. He is very successful person. The previous Temptation debuted at digit 4 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 237,000 copies and was qualified Platinum by the RIAA in December 2002.

 Moving onto his personal life, Ja Rule a boy with a height of 5ft 9inches is popular among the US girls. As we know he married a girl named Aisha Atkins, which proves that he is not a gay. He commenced dating in 1994 and got married in 3rd April, 2001. He have also been nominated and won several awards. He has gone in different tours in the name of concert.

 In the current period Ja has a net worth of about $5 million dollars. He is also very popular in the social networking sites. He has many followers in Instagram. Twitter, etc. As per my reading of his biography on wiki, I can say that when he go shirtless many of the girls go crazy. When he gets free time he goes on a tour with his wife. Overall, he is a great person and lives his life with freedom.

With the talent he has, he also has a kind of charm and good looks in him. He has been completely shocking with his roles in TV shows and movies and this has made him the celebrity he is today. His parents must be very proud of what he has achieved in his career so far and they also know that he will grow even bigger in the business.