Jace Agolli Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay

Jace Agolli is an American citizen, a gym instructor best known as a participant of the reality TV show “Big Brother”. He was born on the April of 1992, and in 2015 his current age is 23 years old. Jace was born in Dunwoody, Georgia, United States of America into a middle class family. His father worked as a cruise and his mother was a ski trainer, and Jace was her second son. He grew up and studied at a local school in Georgia, and was a regular to train with her mother at the ski. After completing his high school, he thought about getting into gym and training as a trainer/ instructor. Born and bred in America, Jace is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Jace is a tall man, and has a very good height. He measures about a 187 cm, which is around 6 feet and a couple of inches; a very good height for any person. He is a charming young man, with bright face, shiny blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. Regarding his personality, he is believed to be a fiercely competitive person, but is also very much fun loving. He likes to go around on hikes, travel as much as he can and enjoy adrenalin rushing sports like bungee and diving and water sports as well. Being a fitness tutor, he is very fit himself and has got a very nice body. He has been working in the gym for some years now, and besides exercise is also conscious about his own sleeping and eating habits. You can find some pictures of his on the media, although not many of them are shirtless. He seems to have a tattoo on the back of his left shoulder.

Regarding his personal life, not much is known outside the box. He might have had many girlfriends or maybe none, but the media does not know it. We haven’t found any names while looking into his dating list, and at a young age of 23 he certainly hasn’t been married. Having no wife creates no question about his divorce or children. Due to his low profile dating life, many have raised eyebrows towards his sexuality and accused him of being sexually gay. His sourced have not accepted nor denied the information, and although there are pictures of him holding hands and posing together with a couple of women, nothing has been concluded of it so far.

Besides appearing in “Big Brother”, season 17; Jace hasn’t been featured in any other TV shows, movies or music videos. He has got his interview videos and also has released some fitness tips and tricks that you can find on the media. Sites like Wikipedia or IMDB do not have his biography although some other sites have got little related information about him. To stay updated with his day-to-day activities, you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram and he also has a Facebook fans page. There are no results posted regarding his net worth or property value.