James Brown Wiki, Bio, Wife, Death and Net Worth

James Joseph Brown is an American dancer/singer and is regarded as the founder of funk music. He was born on the 3rd of May, 1933 and was dead on the 25th of December, 2006 when he was 73 years of age. James was born in Barnwell, South Carolina, United States of America in a poor family. At the time of his birth, his labor father Joseph “Joe” Gardner Brown was only 22, while as his mother Susie was 16 years old. Both of his parents were Afro- American, although he himself stated that he has got mixed ancestry of Chinese and Native American people.

At the age of 5, he moved with his family and settled in Augusta, Georgia where his father found a comparatively better job. After his mother left the family and married another man, he had really no one to talk to. He quit school after reaching the 6th grade and used to spend his time alone, hanging in around the streets and would often get into a fight with the white kids. James was an American by nationality and belonged to black ethnicity. James was not a big man, and had a small height of 169 cm. That is about 5 feet and 8 inches tall, and he has a small body weighing about 65 kg, which is not bad for someone of his built. He was known for his particularly big brown eyes, long black silky hair and a very smiling and funny face. He is not regarded as one of the best-looking person or very attractive but was a humble and decent guy with rich personality. Besides that, he is also known for his unique voice, music and his way of dance. You can see his videos where he is performing live, and dances and sings at the same time.

Although there are several pictures of his on the media, there isn’t a single one in which he has been shirtless. He is not a gay, although claims were made regarding that. Regarding his personal life, he has had quite a dating list and his affairs are available to the media. It seems like he has been married in three different occasions, and divorced every single time. His list of girlfriend begin with athlete and model Kellie Everts, whom he dated in the beginning part of his career. He was also romantically involved with Yvonne Fair, Bea Ford and Candice Hurst. Then in 1953, he was married for the first time with Velma Warren. The couple was together for 16 years before getting divorced in 1969. It was then that he married his second wife Deidre Jenkins in 1970, and lived with her till 1981 before breaking up. He also was dating Tammi Terrell before his second marriage, which was between 1962 and 1964. He married for the third time in 1984, this time with actress Adrienne Rodriguez, although they separated 12 years later in 1996.

Before his death, he was believed to be with singer Tomire Brown for a couple of years only. In his many different relationships, he had 10 children altogether, and they have all grown up now. Having made a number of hit songs, he had released 13 albums in his career, and performed live in countless places and occasions. His songs and videos can be seen in many sites including YouTube and to know more about his personal life, you can read his biography that can be found in Wikipedia. By 2015, his estimated net worth value is about $100 million dollars and there exists Twitter and Instagram accounts on his name.