Jane Musky Wiki, Age, Biography and Production Designer

Direction and production designing is a very vast field and it is not easy to make a name in these areas. But Jane Musky was able to make a name for herself despite the odds.

Jane was born in 1954 and is 61 years of age right now. She is a very modern production designer. She is also an art director.

Her family background is somewhat related to movies as she is the sister-in-law of Colleen Camp and John Goldwyn. Emily Goldwyn is her aunt.

She went to Columbia High School for her studies. The high school is located in Maplewood in New Jersey.

She has done some magnificent work in movies like Hitch, Ghost and When Harry Met Sally. The movie Hitch was released in 2005 whereas Ghost was released in 1990. ‘When Harry Met Sally’ was released in the year 1989.

Jane Musky is married to the famous Tony Goldwyn. They got married in the year 1989. Jane gave birth to two daughters. One of them is Anna Musky-Goldwyn, and another is Tess Frances Goldwyn.

Her husband Tony Goldwyn is a famous actor and director. He was born in 1960 and is 55 years old now. He was born on May the 20th. He has impressed the audience with his excellent acting skills and good direction.

Tony is a tall man with a height of 6 feet 1 inch or 185 cm. He was born in California. His mother also belongs to the movie industry as she is also an actress. Her name is Jennifer Howard. His father was a film producer. His name was Samuel Goldwyn.

Tony studied in one of the best colleges in New York. The name of the college is Hamilton College, which is located in Clinton. He got his degree in Bachelor of Fine Art from Brandeis University. The University is based in Waltham.

Tony Goldwyn has worked in different movies such as Gaby: A True Story, Nixon, Reckless, The last Tattoo, The 6th Day, Kingdom Hearts, American Gun and many more.

Among the many roles he has played, he is best known for his role in the movie Ghost. In that film, he played a role of a friend named Carl Bruner, who afterwards turns into a betrayer. He betrays his friend Patrick Swayze in the movie. His character and acting was loved by the audience and critics also praised him for the role.  

He has done a lot of roles in television series as well. Some of the television series he has worked for are St. Elsewhere, Matlock, LA Law, Hunter, Murphy Brown, American Masters and many more. In St. Elsewhere his character’s name was Henry.

In Matlock he played a character called Dr. Mark Campion. In LA Law he player a character called Chris Arnett. In Murphy Brown he played a character named Bobby Powell. American Masters was based on his life and it was a documentary.

Tony is a caring husband and father. He loves his children and there is very little probability of a divorce occurring between Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky. 

Information on the married couple is available on wiki sites as well. A lot about them can be read on sites such as Wikipedia. These couple are popular on social networking sites as well. They address their fans and send their tweets using Twitter. Their love story and biography is truly heart touching and inspiring to everyone who believes in love.