Jerome Jarre Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay

He’s got his pictures with a face brightened with his smiles and somewhere we can also find him flaunting his body and posing for shirtless pictures; he is a young celebrity who has gained much popularity in recent time. Jerome Jarre, a French nationality who is loved by many all around the world and not just in France, is well-known for his entrepreneurship and his comedy. In 1990, Jarre was born in Albertville in France and celebrates his birthday on the twelfth of June. Having been raised under the care of his mother, he decided that he had to do something unique for his life rather than continuing to go to the business school that he was attending. The decision was right for this young man!

When Jerome was nineteen year old, he got an opportunity to visit China and live there for a year. He never stayed there lazily and kept himself busy by learning different languages like English and Chinese; he also tried to start some ventures and kept trying. Jarre was successful with one of his venture he started in China, he saved some money out of that and then moved to Toronto in order to establish a software company called Atendy. It was in Toronto where he heard about Vine and started his account and discovered that he could make Vines that could do magic on the platform. He was so dedicated in this work that he decided to cease the business that he had earlier started with the friend called Christopher.

Vines have given Jerome a very good chance to be famous. Can you believe he was also a guest in The Ellen DeGeneres Show ? His video called Don’t be afraid of love went viral and he was known by so many so fast and his followers further rose when he appeared in Ellen’s show. This artist who has made vines with various artists in the Hollywood; Pharrell Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller, etc. are to name a few. Jerome is a very clever one whose net worth of $3 million dollars has accumulated to that amount for the reason that he knows what he can do. Take for example, he stood out the office of Snapchat and with his post in Twitter was able to bring the CEO out of the door and then Jerome made a Snapchat story along with the CEO that went viral again!

This very popular Vine star with the height of six feet and three inches has a beautiful girlfriend named Jordan. We found that she is an Irish lady aged 26 who has made her pictures with Jerome public via Instagram. They must have been dating for a while now and Jerome has saved himself from the doubts of people whether he is gay or straight! Followers can find Jerome in Instagram where his pictures can be seen and more about him can be known along with the information available in his wikis. In Instagram, Jerome describes himself as an explorer; let’s see how much he can discover and share!net