Jerry Lee Lewis Wiki, Wife, Health, Dead or Alive and Net Worth

Jerry Lee Lewis, also known by the nickname of The Killer and The Ferriday Fireball is an American musician, pianist, singer and songwriter and regarded as the Wild Man of Rock N’ Roll. He was born on 29th of September, 1935 and in 2015; his current age is 80 years old. Jerry was born in Ferriday, Louisiana, United States of America in a poor family to father Elmo and mother Mamie Lewis as one of their four children. His parents worked in a farm and it was tough to bring up all their children properly. Jerry started to play piano from a young age along with his cousins Mickey Gilley and Jimmy Swaggart. After his desire for a piano was above everything, his parents bought him one by mortgaging their only farm. Having performed with then country singers like Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams, Hank said in a biography interview on Jerry that “I felt something when I listened to that man. I felt something different.” Jerry studied music at the Southwest Bible Institute in Texas, where he was admitted by his mother but was soon expelled for accused of playing devil’s music. He went back home and started to play in local bars and pubs, which earned him his first recording in 1954. After he travelled to Nashville for the recording, he then saw a guitar and started to learn to play it. An American by nationality, Jerry belongs to white ethnicity.

Standing over six feet tall, Jerry has a height of about a 183 cm, which is very good for any individual. An old person, he used to be very good looking, and slim as a young man. There are many pictures of his young days, dressed up in all shiny clothes and was known for a distinct hairstyle. A bright young man, he has got brown eyes, and wears spectacles as he is suffering from myopia. He had never put on any significant weight on his body, although now he has grown little fat, but that is because of his old age. He has now been suffering with various health related problem, especially his blood pressure and heart conditions. In the May of 2012, he was rushed to a hospital at night after drop of his blood sugar and pressure. Although there was massive rumor suggesting that he was dead, his sources reported back saying “Jerry Lewis was so sorry to miss the Icon Award presentation to Tom Cruise last night, but is feeling much better today, and is back at his hotel and thanks everyone for their good wishes”. He is now alive and in good health, although has slowed down much and has not been able to recover fully. But thanks to god, his death is only publicity news for the media.

Jerry has been in multiple celebrity relationships and has been with 8 women till date. Nothing is hidden about his dating life, and he has been married four times in his life. His first girlfriend was Dorothy Barton, with whom he was from 1951 to 1953. After that, He dated some Jane Mitchum from 1953 to 57, and had one child with her. Upon their breakup, Jerry was in another relationship with Myra Lewis for thirteen year starting 1957, who was his first spouse. They had two children together named: Phoebe Allen and Steve Allen. Braking up in 1970, he was then married immediately to Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate who gave birth to his daughter Lori Lee Lewis. He and his wife got divorced in 1982, after which he was in a yearlong relationship with Shawn Michelle Stevens. In 1984, he married again, this time to Kerrie McCarver with whom he lived together for 21 years and has son. That relationship ended in 2005, and currently he is married to Judith Brown and hasn’t been divorced. With no other relationships besides these, Jerry is not sexually gay.

Having released 6 different albums till now, Jerry has given infinite hit songs and is one of the pioneer of Rock N’ Roll in American history. He has a wide fan following on his Twitter account, and he is not available in Instagram although he has a fan based page. With his biography read widely from sites like IMDB and Wikipedia, you can listen to his interviews online to know about his life as well. By 2015, his net worth value is 15 million dollars.