Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Wiki, Married, Wife or Girlfriend, Dating

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a professional Tennis player, who currently ranks as the world’s 11th, in February 2016. A nobody 6 years ago, he rose to fame with his debut on the Grand Slam of Australian Open where he defeated Rafael Nadal and reached at the final against the Serbian, Novak Djokovic and lost to him. Since then he has been making a lot of news in the World of Tennis and has played in, won and lost many memorable matches in his career. Besides his playtime, he spends his time doing things that players do, tours, advertisements and branding. Known for his silent lifestyle, Tsonga lives in Switzerland where he has bought a house on his own. To find out more about his persona life, you can read his biography in sites like Wikipedia, amongst others.

Tsonga was born on the 17th of April, 1985 in Le Mans, France as the son of an African man and a French woman His father Didier Tsonga, is from Congo who moved to France during the 70s as a handball player. His mother Évelyne was of French nationality and Jo-Wilfried is the eldest of two children to this couple. With a sportsman dad, his childhood also spent running around and practicing different fitness activities. His younger brother Enzo also has made a mark in sports and plays for the junior National basketball team. He is French by nationality, and has got mixed ethnicity both on his father’s as well as mother’s side. Along with his education, he also continued his tennis training in school and at the age of 19, entered as the National player for France.

There is not much information in the media regarding Tsongo’s personal life, his dating history or his childhood world. He came to attention only after 2008 and since then, there is a lot of information about his life. Also, his career statistics are available on his official website, or on other sites like or So, we don’t have any idea about whether or not he has got a wife or any children for that matter. It pretty much looks like he has not been married yet, and there are rumors that accuse him to be sexually gay, due to his lack of girlfriends. However that may not be true as we have been graced by a significant female presence in most of his games. This blonde woman is a French named Charlotte Deon who although seems to be a professional friend, but it looks like there is more to it than just friends.

Jo Wilfried is a strong man, well built, with a good physique and strong mentality. His height is a couple of inches more than 6 feet and has a body weight of around 95 kg. With his mixed ethnicity, he has got a darker skin with black eyes and keeps a short haircut. He is very strong in his games, his shots are powerful, his footwork is great and his stamina is also strong. Having worked in the gym for more than 15 years now, he has developed a well-shaped body with abs, biceps and triceps. You can see some of his shirtless pictures in his Instagram account and also known more about him by following his Twitter. Speaking of his bank balance, his recent net worth value was about $10 million dollars.