Joe Minoso Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

Theater turned television actor Joe Minoso, NBC’s Chicago Fire star, has established himself as an impactful television actor in short period of time. The talented actor with a good body made his acting debut with a short appearance as Chaz Fink in Priso Break in 2005. Since 2013, he has been portraying the interesting role of Joe Cruz a Firefighter/Chaeuffeur and Zumba dance instructor who has been living in the shadow of his troubled past and inability to cook, in the American television drama series” Chicago fire”.

Born in 1978, the American national of Hispanic and Latino Americans ethnicity   is a fine arts graduate (bachelor) from Adelphi University and a master degree arts graduate from Northern Illinois University.  

Shortly after graduating from Northern Illinois University, he joined Teatro Vista, the largest Latino theatre company in the Midwest, which is situated in Chicago.

His highly successful theatre career provided him with substantial recognition and popularity and of course, it was not hard for the actor to venture out to television. However, he did start from short appearances, finishing one project to another, moving places to places until finally landing to California where he was awarded with the role of Joe Cruz, which proved to be his most successful on-screen role.  

Now moving on to her physical configuration, he is a tall man with the height of 6 feet. He generally possesses a super-short and if not that bald hairstyle. Impressively, he is a good-looking man with nice body and strong arms.  You will certainly be lucky if you can find his shirtless pictures online.

Talking about her dating status, he is probably single. Apart from his on-screen love interests or relationships; we have no clue about many aspects of his personal life including his relationship status. Therefore, it will be wise to say that he is presently married to his only wife, his love of life that is acting. Furthermore, he is not a gay, as he has never said he is one.

However, he has revealed some info related to his first girlfriend. From what he has revealed, it was his first girlfriend from school who brought him closer to the acting world. It was the girlfriend who once took him to the backstage of a school play. Interestingly, he liked what he saw there and truly got excited by the acting world.   

Moreover, his other notable on-screen credentials are short appearances in television series “The Beast”,” Shameless”, “The Chicago Code” and “Boss”, and in movies “Polish Bar” and “Man of Steel”. Nevertheless, he has also played the main role of Bernard in the movie The Return of Joe Eich, and a Metropolice policeman in the short movie October Surprise.

If you don’t know, family guy Minoso is a certified Zumba instructor in real-life, and we must admit that he has got the moves to sabotage our heart away.

Personality wise, he can be described as expressive, outgoing, mature and peaceful.

Unfortunately, his net worth is not known.

Fans can connect Joe on his social networking sites such as Twitter (48.7 k followers) and Instagram (27.3 k followers). His Twitter handle is given as @DaMinoshow and his Twitter description is given as:

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste, Joined December 2012, 231 Photos and videos”

Other wiki on her professional life can be accessed via Wikipedia biography on him.