Joey Chestnut Wiki, Bio, Wife or Girlfriend, Records and Net Worth

Joseph “Jaws” Christian Chestnut, better known as Joey Chestnut is an American celebrity and a competitive eater who was born on the 25th of November, 1983 and in 2015, his current age is 32 years old. He was born in Vallejo, California, United States of America and grew up with a single mother, as his dad had left the family when he was 2 years of age. His mother worked in a restaurant and with the money she made, raised Joey and paid for his education. He recalls his mother being a very good cook, and that it was her who “triggered the eating demon inside of me.” Not much is known regarding his childhood or educational history, although he is believed to have completed his graduation. An American citizen by nationality, Joey belongs to white ethnicity, and is a Christian by religion.

Joey is a tall man, whose height is above a 180 cm. That is about 6 feet and above which is pretty good height for any person. He is not a very fat man, and has a body weight of about 240 pounds, which is around 110 kg. The secret of his health is eating. Although he also maintains himself and works out on regularly in the gym to stay in shape. He doesn’t have any shirtless pictures in the media, where he has exposed himself. He is believed to be a fun loving guy, and his favorite recreation activities are cycling and swimming. He likes listening to rock music, travelling around,, reading, hiking, cracking jokes with people and is collectively a fun loving person.

Not much is known regarding his dating life, past affairs or current one too. He is believed to have not been married/ divorced till now, thus no questions regarding his wife or children. It seems like he didn’t have many girlfriends in the past, because the media doesn’t have information regarding any such affairs. But that doesn’t mean that he is sexually gay, as many have accused him to be. Currently, he is with his girlfriend and partner in eating Neslie Ricasa. Neslie who is an Asian by origin, is the women’s champion for hot dog eating competition, and the two who aren’t married have been together for some time now; without any kids.

Joey has got an appetite for eating, and is ranked first by the Major League Eating. In 2007, he won the 92nd Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest by defeating the 6- time record champion Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi. In that competition, he had eaten 66 hot dogs and 12 buns in just 12 minutes which was a new world record; and another of many records in his successful career. In the July of 2009, while racing against Kobayashi, he beat his own record to set a new world record whereby he ate 68 HDB and bettered that record in 2013 by eating 69 HDB. You can watch his competitions on the show’s official website or also in YouTube.

After being a national sensation, Joey has been trending widely on social sites like Instagram and Twitter. He has more than 15 thousand fans and followers on Twitter, and they are from different parts of the world. He has appeared in several TV shows and given interviews to different channels, magazines and sites as well. With an estimated net worth of around $800 thousand US dollars in 2015, you can find his biography in sites like IMDb and Wikipedia.