John Digweed Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife or Girlfriend, Gay and Net Worth

John Digweed is an English actor, record producer and a DJ as well. He is one of the most successful DJ in the world, with a net worth of $48 million and was voted the number 1 DJ in the world by DJ Magazine. He began to pursue his interest in DJ-ing from the age of 15 years old and slowly grew bigger amongst the dance clubs of his area. Then at the age of 26, he made his breakthrough after his video became popular and reached the eyes of DJ Alexander Cole. Alex was friends with Geoff Oakes, who was the Renaissance Club in Mansfield, and the two DJs started to spend a lot of time together.

Alexander, also known as Sasha started to promote progressive house music with John, and they two made a lot of success in nightclubs from 1994. They started to mash up music, and released two albums immediately; “Renaissance: The Mix Collection” and “Globe Underground”. After making successive hits, John started out his own record label named Bedrock Records and collaborated working with friend Nick Muir, and released that famous song For What You Dream Of. They also worked for the e MTV adult cartoon drama Spider-Man, which was initial project for the Spider-Man film continuity.

Having released many songs and albums around the world, he has enjoyed massive success throughout North America countries and Europe too. He and Sasha would often play music in clubs for 8 to 10 hours straight. During Sasha’s disappearance due to an ear injury, John did programs on his own and was doing pretty good but was forced to shut down by the NYPD. In a project named Delta Heavy, the two of them toured the USA for 6 weeks straight, with the sound and lights crew. He re toured the US again in 2008, continuing to Europe and other North American countries. He was the 17 DJ in the list of Resident Advisor top 100 DJ charts.

From 1998, he was at the 10th number for 10 years until his ratings began falling in 2010, landing at the 98th number. You can find his interviews, or his music and concerts on his official YouTube channel and check out his pictures in Instagram. To know more about his career, you can read his biography available in sites like IMDB or Wikipedia.

Born on the January of 1967, he was raised in Hastings, England and is currently 48 years of age. He was raised in a middle class family, and belongs to white ethnicity. He measures about 5 feet and 11 inches tall in height, and has got an attractive personality. With his busy schedule and celebrity lifestyle, there is almost no news when it comes to his girlfriend. His lack of affair news and dating history has led people to think that he is sexually gay.

He certainly has not been married or divorced till today. There are no records of him having a wife or children, which certainly suggest something else. With a high search regarding his shirtless pictures, there seem to be none available in the media. He has enjoyed a huge success and fame, which has automatically increased his followers on Twitter.