John Popper Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife or Girlfriend, Gay and Net Worth

 Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist John Popper is the leading force behind the post 80’s jam rock and blues band Blues Traveler. Nevertheless, he is also known as one of the prominent figure of the Harmonica world.

Having nearly touched the half of middle adulthood stage, the 48 year old of American nationality and Hispanic ethnicity has never been happy like this year. This year is special about him because his loving girlfriend Jordan Auleb is pregnant.

Jordan is the founder of BANDAID, a social media focused PR company that aims to promote high-profile musicians and their events. So, it’s not that hard to guess how they might have first met.

The soon to be wife of John is known as a perky and high-spirited woman. Given the front-man candid and easy-going nature, the duos are a perfect match for each other. Insiders say they are an unbeatable force of nature as a couple and soon to change their relationship status from dating to married. 

That much we know about his personal life. But, what about his unconventional career as a musician? Is it a success like his personal life?

Many say the musical pioneer with $15 million dollars net worth is a one-hit wonder. Such people like to apply same notion for his band as well.

Well, we disagree. He is part of the one of the most busy jam bands of 90’s. Not only that, the band Blues Traveller is credited for nourishing jam band/seagues style music in the US.  In 1995, the band won the Grammy awards in the category “Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group” for the hit upbeat song Run-Around. All of the band albums may not be such a hit like the band 1995’s platinum album Four, but most of them are popular at certain level. The point is he and the band hasn’t stopped the process of making music in spite of hard days and uncertainties.

However, he wasn’t clear about his life purpose till his adolescent,. He originally wanted to be a comedian, but he later decided that he isn’t the type of comedian who can be funny all the time.

Plus, there was one thing that hadn’t appealed to him prior to learning harmonica. Simply, the thing was music. Prior to learning harmonica, he already knew to play piano, cello, guitar and trumpet. But when he discovered is harmonica skills, he convinced is high school teacher to let him play it in the high school jazz band. Since then he has blended his instrument knowledge with his vocals extremely well. Also, his further education after high school at The new school of Jazz and Contemporary music might have helped him in his musical quest as well.

The other band members of the high school college band turned rock pioneer group are Drummer Brandan Hill, Guitarist Chan Kinchala, Basist Bobby Sheehan (dead) and Keyboardist Ben Wilson.

Now moving on to his physical configuration, he is no longer an overly weighed tall man once he was. In the year 1992, his weight reached an unimaginable number of 400 pounds. Since then he suffered from timely heartbeat problems up until he underwent a gastric bypass surgery in the year 2000 after suffering from a major heart attack.

As of 2015, he looks perfectly fit and ready to go shirtless. It is said that he has lost over 200lbs of weight since the surgery, thanks to his trainer and healthy low calorie foods. However, he hasn’t left behind his past bad habits. He still smoke and drinks. But, his fans think he should divorce the bad habits so that he will be a role model father to his nearing newborn and future children. Furthermore, his exact height is not known, but judging by his pictures, it can be speculated in the range of 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 1 inch

Interestingly. He is also a gun rights activist. Anyway, he is not a gay. He has cleared that up in a crazy twitter fight back in 2013.

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