Kathryn Prescott Wiki, Boyfriend, Dating or Gay/Lesbian

We know the sweet-faced beauty Kathryn “Katt” Prescott for excelling the role of fearless redhead Emily Flitch (regular from 2009 to 2010, guest appearances in 2013), one half of the high school twins (her real life twin sister plays the role of the on-screen twin sister role “Katie”) and a second generation character, in the hit issues-based British Teen Drama “Skins”.

Now moving on to her body configuration, she is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 3 inches. Nevertheless, she enjoys a hot hourglass shaped body with the body measurements of 34-25-32 inches. Simply, she has got a high physical sex appeal given her fit body, winsome looks, toned legs and thighs, endearing voice plus British accent, well-maintained hair, and shapely breasts and buttocks.

Call it her Skins legacy or her distinct looks; she hasn’t been able to escape teenage roles even though she is 24 years of age as of 2015. Anyway, she is currently portraying the leading role of “Carter Wilson”, an unruly, devious and fun-loving teen who finds herself surrounded by complex family issues initiated by a surrogate deal gone wrong situation, in the critically acclaimed American teens drama Finding Carter (2014-present).  

If you didn’t know, she is often credited for her on-screen lesbian romance with the Lily Loveless character “Naomi Campbell”, a passionate, idealistic and political teen, in Skins. There are many fans who think that they are the best lesbian couple ever.

We really have to credit Lily and Kathryn for their acting performances in the show, as they have inspired many lesbian couple to come out of the closet, and of course for all of the Skins sexy scenes as well.

Anyway, Kathyrn isn’t a gay/lesbian in real life nor is Lily As far as we know, she was in a dating relationship with Oli, then member (runner) of Skins crew. Back in 2010, Kathryn in an interview said that all her exes were funny, open-minded and ambitious. Not only that, she also said that she would not date a guy who doesn’t have a passion in life.

As of 2015, her age is 24.  We don’t know whether she is still in a relationship with then boyfriend Oli or not. Furthermore, we can confirm that Oli is 7 years older than Kathryn. As far her marital status, she is not married.

From what we have heard, the television actress and former A-level student in real life is highly disciplined and hardworking. No wonder, Kathryn speculated net worth is around $1 million US dollars.

Since moving to the United States in 2014, she is now set to shine like a big-time star. Let see how future unfolds for her. Will she escape from her teen image? Will she ever get more mature roles? Can she fulfill her long-time dream of acting in thriller movies. These are the questions every fans maybe pondering.

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