Kevin Manno Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend or Gay

We all know Kevin Manno, an engaged man as of 2015, as one of the popular radio hosts of KBIG’s reputed music focused weekday morning show “Valentine In The Morning” alongside star- RJ Valentine and other Rj’s.

Now moving on to his physical configuration, his height is speculated in between 5 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 1 inches. Nevertheless, the shorthaired RJ is a good-looking man.

Talking about his relationship status, he is currently dating his girlfriend of two years Ali Fedotowsky, an ex-Bachelorette star (season 6, 2010), ex-Facebook employee and ex-E! correspondent, actress and life-style blogger.

Like her predecessor bachelorette Jillian Harris, Ali’s The Bachelorette led on-screen engagement with insurance agent Roberto Martinez couldn’t survive in the outside world’s real life.

Now, Ali is extremely happy the way things are going on with Kevin, her fiancé since September, 2, 2015. Ali had broken up with Martinez on the grounds of personality differences and work related issues (Ali says he didn’t liked her decision to explore her own professional interests).

Ali met Kevin in the year 2013 through a producer from NBC’s travel show.

Ali’s describes herself as an expressive and extrovert person and Martinez as an introvert one. She always wanted her partner to understand, social and expressive like she is. And, who is she in love with right now?

Of course, it’s our outspoken man Kevin Manno. While they are not busy in their professional life, the boyfriend and girlfriend like to mutually enjoy activities such as wii bowling, watching movies and go karting.

And to make their relationship more solid, they invented this brilliant idea to adopt a rescue dog soon after they started dating.

Anyway, so what have we learned from the entire Bachelorette related relationships saga?  

The important lesson we learned here can be more illustrated by the quote “Too much of everything is as bad as too little”.

Generally, what happens is the reality shows like The Bachelorette tries to put people inside a small relationship shell and then, they have to know and choose their life partner in the short period of time (until the show ends). And, the result is what we have all seen, more and more broken engagement.

If you didn’t know, the famous saint Buddha once said
“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Now, what it matters is Kevin and Ali’s feelings toward one another.  It seems like they have a strong relationship, which can transform into a happily married life scenario in future. Just after 2 days of the engagement, future-wife Ali spoke to Dailymail expressing her post-wedding happiness. According to the report, Ali and Kevin are liberal to the idea of getting married and welcoming their children into the world.  

After knowing about relationship Ali, 30, and Kevin, 32, share as a couple; our editor is ready to bet his dollar on strength of their relationship. So, according to him, we are not going to get any divorce news related to Ali and Kevin’s relationship in future. However, who knows what future unfolds.

So, it will not take a genius to figure out that Kevin is not a gay. Unfortunately, his ethnicity and net worth are not known.

You can always go to his Wikipedia and IMDb’s biography if you want to know more about his professional life (in short, he is MTV’s The Seven ex-host, Q101 intern ex-RJ and JBTV’s ex-correspondent) . Nevertheless, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.  Keep connected to our site to get more wiki on him.