Krayzie Bone Wiki, Bio, Wife, Songs and Net Worth

Anthony Henderson, better known by his stage name of Krayzie Bone is an American singer/ songwriter, rapper and entrepreneur who was born in Cleveland, Ohio on the 17th of June, 1973 and his current age is 41. Besides his stage name, he is also known as Leatha Face, Silent Killer and also Mr. Sawed Off. Not much is known regarding his early childhood or his parent’s whereabouts. There has never been any incident in which he has mentioned or thought it necessary to comment about his childhood life and family.

“Regarding my past, all you need to know I had a rough childhood and that I am never going to let my children have that sort of bringing up” he said in reply to a question asked to him regarding his past life. Growing around Ohio, Bone moved frequently as a child and was in a musical group, which was much influenced by the hip- hop music trend back then. He started to write his own lyrics and later sang the in street or pubs to make some money. With a group of aspiring friends, he formed the rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Krayzie is an American by nationality and belongs to black ethnicity.

Regarding his physical appearance, Bone is a lea and tall man with a height of about 6 feet and 2 inches and a body weight of about 80 kg, which is a little less for his standards. HE is not the most attractive of person, but is funny and smart which makes him a good company to be with. Having been linked to using drugs in his teenage and later days, he is completely sober now and is very positive in his thoughts and actions.

With some body tattoos that he has shown in his shirtless pictures, he doesn’t have any piercings though. He is not famous for being in multiple relationships although he has been married twice, and divorced once. His first affair was with his then girlfriend LaTonya Howse who later in 1993 became his wife. Having been in a 5 yearlong relationship, the couple had 2 children together: Nathan Henderson and Anthony Henderson.

After the couple got divorced in 1998, he had been dating Felicia Howse, and with her got married in 1998. With the two still together for about 16 years now, they have had three daughters together Malaysia Henderson, Melody Henderson and Destiny Henderson. The couple being together in a strong relationship has very less possibility of splitting up anytime soon. Those false speculations about Bone being sexually gay are all rumors, as it seems.

Krayzie has given music in many hit movies like Pineapple Express, Django Unchained, Waist Deep, Next Friday etc. He has also sung many songs and has released 4 solo albums including two hits Chasing the Devil and Harmony Songs, besides others. In order to know more of him, you can read his biography in sites like IMDB or Wiki and also his quotes online. You can also keep in touch with his latest activities by following his Twitter and Instagram accounts. By 2015, he has an estimated net worth of about $500 thousand US dollars.