Kyle Eastwood Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend or Gay and Net Worth

An American jazz bass musician, Kyle Eastwood was born on May 19, 1968 in Los Angeles, California on May 19, 1968. He was born to Maggie Johnson and actor-director Clint Eastwood and was raised in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California with his siblings. At present, Eastwood is one of the successful media personnel who have numerous searches in the media. He also has number of fans all over the world following him through different social networking sites like, Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

From the early days, Eastwood had keen interest in music and musical instruments. As his father belonged to the industry and loved music, he supported him when Eastwood confessed that he wanted to be a musician and pursue his career as a musician. His parents became very happy when they got to know that their son wanted to become a musician in his near future. He grew up listening to records by jazz legends. With his parents, he numerously attended Monterey Jazz Festival. Since his high school days, he used to play electric bass learning reggae, Motown, R&B tunes by ear. He began playing gigs around the Los Angles and New York areas after studying with French bassist Bunny Brunel.

In the year 1998, Eastwood released a collection of both jazz standards and original compositions, From There to Here from Sony. Arter then, he released two of his albums in 2005 and 2006 namely; Paris Blue and Now. He also had given music to eight of his father’s movies: Million Dollar Baby, Changeling, Mystic River, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Changeling, Gran Torino, and similarly Invictus. In the year 1982 Kyle had an supporting role in the movie called Honkytonk Man. Once he was also been nominated along with his music partner Alison Eastwood for the Chicago Film Critics Association Award in the year 2006 for original Score i.e, for the song Letters from Iwo Jima.

Kyle is the elder brother of one of the very renowned and versatile model, actress, as well as awesome fashion designer Alison Eastwood. Kyle is one of the versatile singer, musician, actor whose hard work and effort made possible for him to establish himself as such a great personality. From his life we can learn a lesson that a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes determination, hard work and sweat. This very talented person has long way to go in his life and hope that he will be able to gain the courage to face every challenges that comes on his way.

Kyle had a beautiful wife called Laura Gomez with whom he married and she gave birth to his daughter named Graylen Spencer Eastwood. Due to some reason he gave divorce to his wife Laura in the year 2006. He has only one daughter in name of his children. Though he is single and has no girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that he is not a gay. There is no any news about his new girl friend. Talking about his height he is about 6 feet and 2 inch tall, which is about 1.93 m. he also has an eye catching net worth of about $10 million dollars. Interested one can get more information about him through wiki.