Leslie Birkland Wiki, Bio, Married, Husband and Net Worth

Hey, guys! How many of you have watched the American reality drama Big Rich Texas? Ok, if you have then, we are on the same page.

Some people hate the idea of the reality show that is so much based on drama. Many complain that the show has failed to showcase good aspects of Texas women.

People faithful to this notion argue that the so-called fertile female in the show are not delivering real culture to their children and only filling the young minds with crazy lifestyle choices.

And, on the other hand, there are another bunch of people who enjoy watching the show, take the show in a positive way and respect the ladies of the show for what they are.

People faithful to this notion feel that everybody has right to live their life the way they want, and nobody should judge another bluntly rather one should also try seeing things from other perspectives. This is what Leslie Birkland felt when she joined the show.

Leslie Birkland by her physical attributes looks like someone on her 30’s. Although her exact age is not known, we can guess that she is on her 40’s or even near to 50.

Talking about her body orientation, she is a banana shaped gorgeous women with long legs and a tall height that may be in the range of 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet and 10 inches. However, her ethnicity is not known.

Now moving on to her personal life, she has a grown up son named Tylor. Talking about her relationship status, she is probably single. Just in 2013, media reported that the Big Rich Texas drama-queen ran away from the previously agreed wedding with her billionaire boyfriend, Rip Mason.

It is said that the deal-breakers for Lesley were the conditions that the old billionaire put forth in. Rumors speculate that Rip wanted Lesley to quit the show and sign a prenuptial agreement with him before the wedding.

Consequently, Leslie chose her career – the fame of being a minor celebrity over the billionaire. And, the billionaire also moved on.  

Furthermore, it is said that she has dated few millionaires in the past. Also, it is a known fact that she dated a millionaire while she was in the show Millionaire Matchmaker.

Furthermore, we even don’t know anything about Taylor’s biological father.  

Call it a miracle or a fully thought after strategy; she has maintained a low-key reputation in the media despite being something like of a wild and expressive personality.

Maybe it’s wrong to judge Leslie by her on-screen appearances. Simply, Big Rich Texas is a drama-reality show, and there is a high chance that the show pays these beautiful women for unnecessary exaggeration of situations. So in reality, Leslie may not be a drama-queen like she was on the show.

 Of course, Leslie is photogenic or an on-screen persona. Just rate her modeling pictures, and you will know. But, she isn’t a real actress.

But, that doesn’t mean she cannot act. In fact, she has appeared in on-screen projects like The Gay Christian Mingle and Beauty Queen Murders.

Just eyeing at her roles choice you will know that she is more interested in looking good or having a lifestyle of a successful model/pageant than being fully-fledged TV shows, movies or sitcom actress. 

Now that Big Rich Texas hasn’t been yet picked by any of other networks after the Star turned Esquire network (2013) disbanded the show, the blonde model-turned-actress -turned beauty pageant has awesomely learned to live her life without the show.

Now she has her production house called Leslie Birkland productions.   Her websites state that it produced a beauty pageant show based in California in 2014.

The website also portrays Leslie as a beauty pageant coach and illustrates Leslie Birkland Production documentary plans.

Plus, she has done pretty well for herself when it comes to earning money. Many websites have stated, her net worth to be 1.5 million US dollars approx.  

The sexy millionaire was not ridiculously big in size, nor she was rich when she joined the show. But she was a self-made model and someone with loads of confidence.

Anyway media reports that Leslie also has own real- estate business. It is also stated that she owns properties all across the country. The identified ones are her homes in California and Washington. 

Another wiki on her professional life can be extracted from her official website “www.lesliebirkland.com” or IMDb’s biography on her.

Moreover, there are no any other married life, husband, divorce, dating or lesbian rumors related to her in the media.

Last but not the least; one can connect the famous beauty pageant coach via social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.