Lil Jon Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Lil Jon, as he is known by his stage name is an American Hip Hop artist, a rapper, a musician and a record producer as well as a DJ and an actor. He is known to be the ex-member and main man of the Hip Hop group Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz. After the group broke up in 2004, he has since been working individually and has produced two albums and has been in over half a dozen different movies. As a result, his name has become more popular amongst the fans of his group, and as an actor he has been successful in making international fans from around the world. Having appeared in some TV shows like Ridiculousness (2012), Wild ‘n Out (2006), Celebrity Apprentice (2011 and 2013) and Comedy Bang! Bang! (2015). He has also been awarded and nominated several times for his acting and music credits.

Lil Jon was born as Jonathan Smith and was born in the suburbs of Georgia, United States of America. He was born in Atlanta on the 17th of February, 1971 and was raised in his house as an only child. His father was a respected professor and his mother worked at a record studio near town. As a child, Jon was into skate boarding and played a lot of basketball. He spends half of his school life playing basketball, as he was enrolled in Frederick Douglass High School. Then towards the end of school, the digital edition in music and he fascinated him too, started to try his own things. Soon, he was seen working as a D.J in the night clubs around Atlanta and soon was signed by So So Def Recordings for 7 years; starting 1993. To find out more about his career or life, you can refer to his biography in sites like Wikipedia and IMDB.

With an average height of 5 feet and 6 inches tall, Jon has been famous for his polished metal front tooth, his humorous nature of telling things and his long dreadlock hairstyle. Also known by his nicknames like” The King Of Crunk” or “Lil Jizzel”, he has made his position known to the people and media. Often been in controversies, he was last rumored to be sexually gay although that was nowhere near true. Talking about his romance and affairs, there are not many names that come up as his girlfriends. Although he has been often linked to many co-star and fellow musicians that is all just made up by the media. He is a married man, and has been with his wife Nicole Smith, since 2004. Before marriage they were having affair for long time and even had a son named Nathan Smith, who was born in 1998. With no signs of distrust of love lost between the couple, it doesn’t look like they are getting divorced anytime soon.

With a lot of fan following especially on social media, Jon has got a huge number of followers on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Despite the search for his hot and shirtless pictures by some female fans; there seem to be no pictures of such kind. Known for his openness towards the media, you can find almost everything there is to known about Jon, if you search for it. His net worth, in 2016, was reportedly about $28 million US Dollars.