Lisa Hochstein Wiki, Age, Bio, Husband, Baby and Net Worth

At the age of 32 now, Toronto-born diva Lisa Hochstein is a married woman. Her loving husband is none other than the country reputed plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny Hochstein – who is popular in Miami by the nickname “Boob God”.

Moving on to her body orientation, her body shape lies somewhere in between a perfect hourglass shaped body and a fit banana shaped body.   However, she only could develop the current state of body after numerous moments of managed workouts. During her teen years, she was rather thin. So, she decided she would work out and gain some muscles back then. As of now, she feels that remaining healthy is dependent on two things: working out and eating right. Nevertheless, her diet plan constitutes grains, vegetables, fruits and beans. She says it is very important to eat six small meals per day and avoid eating too much sugar and oil. She also insists that one should first consult a trainer and learn basic workouts patterns from the professional rather than being a clueless fool in a gym.

Although the gorgeous blonde isn’t a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 5 inches, her resume speaks for itself.  She made it into the modeling world despite being a petite-boyish body type. Plus, her low height also didn’t help. And above that, she had always been made fun of for her unconvincing looks.

Everybody from her group was heading to the states, so she did the same. She dreamed of working hard to be an actress and model one day. Therefore, she headed to the west coast, but on the way she met Lenny. The couple married in the year 2009.
Canadian turned American national Lisa is a multiracial woman by ethnicity- thanks to her parents.  Her mother is of Jamaican nationality and her father has Scottish and German origin. The gorgeous and hot sexy model has starred in many of reputed magazine. Also, she has been successful in making good number of high-profile friends in the industry. Some credit for such kind of connections should also give to her veteran husband who has many top-notch friends. 

Except her modeling career, she has enjoyed three Playboy appearances till now (before 2006, 2006 and 2007) . However, she regrets doing Playboy. She says that she enjoyed the work and the professionalism at Playboy, but she regrets rushing to such a big decision at an early age.

As of 2015, media takes her as a beauty expert, fashionista, model and an activist. Analyzing her physical sex appeal, we can easily assume that she has done extremely well to maintain her body. Not including her professional works, we can say that her large boobs, toned legs, well-maintained figure, charming smile and well-behaved personality have played major roles at increasing her popularity in the states.

Furthermore, she has also been open about her plastic surgery procedures – two boob jobs and a rhinoplasty procedure.

Being the wife of a reputed plastic surgeon she felt like she should cash in the opportunity. And, she did. She convinced her husband and got the second boob job.  

A perfect marriage, desirable body and even loads full of cash weren’t the complete solution to her ever-increasing unhappiness.  The couple was struggling from infertility issues since a long time. However, thanks to a surrogate, the couple as of 2015 is expecting a newborn. According to the media reports, the couple chose the surrogate option only after Lisa went through three miscarriages and four unsuccessful IVFS.  

Talking about her acting career, it’s not looking too good for the actress. Her acting resume is not convincing, She starred as a stripper (short role) in the 2006 movie The Last Kiss. And, now that the reality show The real Housewives of Miami hasn’t been renewed, she is kind of jobless person when it comes to acting, The good news for her is that her fans thinks that she has got potential to act in diverse kinds of movies or TV shows roles. 

Other wiki on her professional life can be accessed via various sites over the media. Furthermore, there are no any other kids, baby, pregnant, children, boyfriend or dating rumors on her over the media. To view her sexy bikini pictures, one can check out Google Image. Nevertheless, the American entertainment media reports her net worth to be around $20 million US dollars. 

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