Lisa Salters Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Salary and Net Worth

Alisia Salters, popularly known as Lisa Salters, is an American journalist currently working with ESPN and ESPN on ABC. She has become so famous because she’s always been on her mark and always done her best!

Her reporting career has contributed a lot for ESPN since she was a former collegiate women’s basketball player and she could always bring her experience while she delivers her views. She has been working for ESPN since she left ABC and WBAL-TV. She used to work for these two companies for seven years and was very successful.

She was the shortest basketball player in her school’s history. Her height is 5 feet 2 inch, which is not tall enough to play basketball. But, she was the guard for the Lady Lions Basketball Team from 1986 to 1987.

She has fully enjoyed sports throughout her educational career. And now, her professional career in sports journalism also looks good. Her hard work and determination have never let her down, and her net worth has been soaring high. But she believes it necessary to keep it low key in the media.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University in 1988. She majored in broadcast journalism

She covered the murder case of O.J Simpson while working for ABC and received huge appreciation from the media colleagues. She also served as a reporter for WBAL-TV from 1988-1995.  She has been all around the world to cover major sports tournaments and events. She has also been to the Middle East and Iraq for the reports on war and after war problems.

She has successfully hosted the ESPN live coverage of 2006 Winter Olympics and the live coverage of 2002 FIFA World Cup. Her primary job during this period is to report news from the sideline of basketball and football in major college league and tournaments. She is a very talented and hardworking sportscaster.

She has been in the media for more than 20 years and has worked with the much-reputed organization. Her actual salary has not been revealed yet, but her net worth is around $2 million dollars, but it’s not disclosed officially.

Apart from EPSN, she has also served for ABC News Corporation. She was a Los Angles based Correspondent for ABC News from 1995-2000. She regularly provided news coverage for the World News Tonight as well as other relevant shows broadcasted on ABC. She covered the Matthew Shepard murder, the TWA Flight 800 crash, and other many state-based cases during her time at ABC.

In 2012, ESPN had her reporting on the sideline full time for the Monday Night Football show.

Her profession demanded her to look sharp and prepared all the time. At the age of 50, she has done it all! She has maintained her looks and taken her confidence to a whole new level.

She still looks beautiful and attractive. When she first joined ABC News, she was considered a hot black news reporter. Despite her small height, she has beautiful body measurements, which gave her a great advantage while presenting herself in front of media.

She has well-toned legs, and her actual body measurements are 34-29-36 inches. Her hourglass shaped body looks attractive and hot. Any rumors about her divorce and engagements are fake.

She has not yet been married. However, she has adopted a child named Samuel. In her entire career, she has not been known for dating, and there has not been any rumor about her affairs with any journalist or media personnel.  

She took a challenge and took the chance to raise the child on her own. She indeed proved that she is a potential parent though she has no one to support her in parenting.

Whether or not she is a lesbian/gay has not been revealed yet. There is no romantic incident which can be linked to her. She has kept her personal life very much private. There have been many speculations about her unidentified husband and boyfriends.

When her colleagues were asked about her personal life in an interview, they replied that she does not have a single girlfriend with whom she shares her feelings.

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You can find her on Facebook and Twitter. She uses the platform to share her views and maintain her presence among many generations of audiences.