Lisa Stelly Wiki, Bio, Married or Boyfriend, Dating

Lisa Stelly was born on the 4th of March, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. She is delighted to have acquired her rich ethnicity that she is proud to be passing on to her children. Lisa is a tremendous actress who is very popular for her starring in the Green Day’s popular song 21st Century Breakdown’s music video. This sexy actress with an average height can be found to be really photogenic for she has made public her most gorgeous pictures.

From different sources, we have come to know that Lisa started her career as a model and has her portfolio uploaded to YouTube. This hot celebrity has made her career in the field of acting by contributing her roles and appeared in Passed Over and Howard Stern on Demand. Her roles in these have gained a good worth for her performances and her potential of performing. From whatever she has done and achieved, this celebrity has a bright future and high chances of soaring her net worth higher. She has a hot personality and sexy feet that can take her a long way. She has high potential of being endorsed as ambassador for different brands of luxury items.

Lisa Stelly after dating this Jack Osbourne as a boyfriend for a while has locked the relationship; they got married. Jack is the son of Ozzy Osbourne, very popular heavy metal singer. Jack has starred in the series called The Osbournes along with his family members; the show was a hit in MTV. Osbourne married Stelly in 2012 in Hawaii in a grand way. The couple remembers how their wedding has been a memory that they’d love to save for a lifetime. The couple feels really lucky that they have welcomed their third child despite of the fact that Lisa suffered a miscarriage and lost their second child. Jack and Lisa handled the sad news of miscarriage very well. It could have done several personal damages to the to-be mother and to the whole family, but Jack portrayed a role of a responsible husband and gathered them all before they could shatter. The celebrity couple seems to love their parenthood so much that they found themselves ready too soon to have another child to share the love.

Lisa Stelly along with her husband Jack seems to have a huge presence in the Instagram. They love to upload pictures of their family, of their growing cute kids so that their followers would know about how happy they are. Her Instagram followers thank her for being so genuine and share their stories in her posts too. Lisa Stelly has been seen as a strong woman. She took the news of her miscarriage to the social media. Rather than taking that step to gain sympathy, she put it as a life experience that people could learn from. She hoped to help others deal with that kind of grief. The picture of the cute baby feet that Lisa has posted shows how hopeful she was to have a baby boy, but then life happened and the couple lost him. Hope the dark days are over in the life of this couple. Readers who like to know more about Lisa can read about her in her biography in Wikipedia.