Looks Aren’t Everything…Maybe They Have Good Personalities?

Cosmetic surgery sparked popularity in the 1970s when the rich or famous wanted to simply enhance their natural appearance. Now, with shows like Botched dedicated to surgeries gone wrong and celebrities like Chrissy Teigen openly praising their procedures, cosmetic surgery is reaching peak popularity in society. Often people go into a procedure with idealistic expectations set of looking like a specific person and well…many times the after shows no resemblance. This article dives into some of the most transformative cosmetic surgeries in recent years.

1. Superman Impersonator

Herbert Chavez, a Filipino man who has undergone over 16 years of over 23 cosmetic procedures, is not just a fan of Superman, but he’s a super fan. Chavez wanted to be the hero in every way, including the outward appearance, which could be tricky as Superman and Chavez are two different people from two completely different races. Chavez, however, didn’t let this set him back. Starting in 1998, Chavez has received surgeries on his nose, jaw, lips, and hips. On his body, he’s had pec implants and butt implants. He’s received skin whitening procedures, had blue contacts permanently implanted into his natural eye, and even wanted to undergo a leg lengthening procedure, which is known to be one of the most painful and dangerous procedures. Chavez didn’t stop there. It was discovered that he was secretly injecting himself with “MesoLipo,” which is illegal in the United States, to try and give himself a set of abs. Instead of having a full set of abs, this was actually extremely life threatening and he was essentially injecting poison into his body. With his newfound fame of resembling Superman, Chavez is starting to believe that he is morphing into Superman with his life and looks. I don’t think he can just put on a cape and call himself a hero, though. If so, everyone could be a superhero overnight.