Lori Greiner Husband, Married, Divorce and Children

Inventor, entrepreneur, and television personality, Lori Greiner is a multi-talented lady of Jewish ethnicity. She was born in Illinois, Chicago on December 9, 1969, to a real estate developer father and mother who is a psychologist. She has majored in communications focusing on journalism, television, and film in Chicago.

48 years old reality star, Lori, entered the business world by producing an innovative jewelry box that held over 100 earrings. She convinced various stores in Chicago to display and sell her product. The entrepreneur spirit in her proved to be very successful. Her entrepreneurial spirit never went away.

She became the owner of For Your Ease Only, a corporation where beauty, electronics, fashion, home, jewelry, shoes and handbags, kitchen and food, and health and fitness products are sold. Her products can be found at QVC.com.

Her products are also regularly featured in top magazines like The Oprah Magazine, Woman’s Day, and Instyle. Till now, Lori has created over 400 products and owns 120 US and international patents. She is currently enjoying the heights of her career.

She turned a simple idea, i.e., a plastic jewelry organizer, into a huge business. She made over one million dollars within the first year of the release of her jewelry box. Her products have generated over $500 million in sales by now.

Greiner is called “the warm-blooded shark,” the title she earned from her show Shark Tank.

Besides being an inventor and one of the top female entrepreneurs in the USA, she is also a Television personality.

Greiner also hosts her television show QVC’s ‘Clever and Unique Creations by Lori Greiner.’ She is also known as the “Queen of QVC.” It has been 16 years since she presented on the show, yet the show is still quite popular and going quite well.

In addition to being ambitious and multi-talented, Greiner is a beautiful woman, which makes her the complete package. 

Personal Life with Dan:

She has had a fulfilling personal life as well. She is married to her husband Daniel Greiner, who manages the finances for her company ‘For your Ease Only INC.’ She doesn’t have any kids, and there is no any news of her becoming pregnant.

Greiner currently stars in the ABC’s hit reality TV show, Shark Tank, where the entrepreneurs tell us how to get on shark tank; meaning that they teach viewers how to convince investors to invest in their entrepreneurial business idea or venture.

Previously, he was a controller at Bell and Howell Corporation. She is happy with her husband and her life, so there is no possibility of divorce shortly. She has had no children till now. But, as Lori loves kids, she might be planning for pregnancy quickly. Lori is living and enjoying her life at the moment.

Sexy at 48 and her success:

Statuesquely tall, Greiner, even at this age, manages to look hot and sexy. And she frequently posts hot pictures of her in a bikini. Moreover, with her perfect abs and toned legs, make female fans of her wish they had perfect body measurements like her.

Adding up to her achievements, she has also written a few books. Lori’s famous book, ‘Invent it,’ ‘Sell it,’ ‘Bank it: Makes Your Million-Dollar Idea into a Reality’ and these books are a national best seller. She got great reviews praising her book for being practical and insightful.

This talented lady has an estimated net worth of $70 million dollars. She has also been listed as one of ‘The Richest Entrepreneurs’ on www.therichest.com.

Detailed information about her and her biography can be found on wiki sites like Wikipedia. She is also on Twitter and Facebook, where you can follow her. 

She has her website too, www.lorigreiner.com, where you can subscribe to her newsletter to get the latest news about Lori, her products, and her new developments through your email. Furthermore, for more of her interviews, information, and pictures you can Google her.

Lori’s 4 Rules of Money:

Lori believes that there are four rules for entrepreneurs! Her rules can be found from Entrepreneur.com with the explanation.

Lori suggests new entrepreneurs be careful about working from home rather than spending money on lavish offices. She also makes it certain that it is important to hire people only when it is necessary.

Additionally, she writes that stocking up too much inventory is risky for the business. And for Lori, it is never logical to borrow money from the family members.

Fans and followers of Lori might be pleased to read this advice from someone who has already created over 400 products.