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Meet Christie Brinkley and learn about her Beauty Secrets

Sun Nov 05 2017 / Grace lee

Born: February 2, 1954
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Hobbies: Modeling, Writing, Acting, Painting, Travel

“When I told them my actual age, their reactions were consistent.” Christie Brinkley said when she visited a famous TV Show. Christie Brinkley is a supermodel, called ‘supermodel grandma’. Hardly to thought, a woman who the age over 60 can still be active in the T stage. She has S figure that young girls envy, and the smooth skin without any trace of time. There are Christie and her 15 year old daughter. I think many people would feel they are sisters at the first sight.

In 2016, Christie Brinkley joined a skincare company, become a shareholder of the company and the spokesperson.

“People ask me all the time ‘What is your secret?’ Well my first beauty secret is gratitude. There is beauty all around us and within us. Take a minute to appreciate it and smile! But my second beauty secret is in knowing that what you put on your face every single day really matters. The right skin care does make a difference.”

T“My personal skincare story began over 40 years ago when I started in the modeling and beauty industry, and my first assignment was always “put on this bikini and go get a tan.” How I looked was my career and I was so fortunate to have access to the best and most knowledgeable professionals in skin care. There were those who said a model’s career wouldn’t last past age 30 but here I am at 61. I wasn’t about to let anyone put an expiration date on me or any woman just because of their age. In my mind, 60 is the new 40!” Christie Brinkley said.

The main product of Christie’s company is Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream. It has changed lots of women’s life. Lots of Christie’s female fans took part in the conference. In finally of the conference, the first 1000 new Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream 10 percent off products were sold out by sponsor in 15 minutes.

The success of every product is not easy. Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream actully help female settle the questions of skincare.” For 40+ women, the biggest problem is skin . Sometimes, It can even lead to the emergence of gender problems. But Plastic surgery is not the best choice. Firstly, It’s degerous. Secondly, the cost is too high. Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream is just a good choice to us. It not only safe, but also cheap. ”

Christie said that she had viewed fans’ message and email carefully. She found the most of female lose confidence because their skin is not good. And from then, I hope myself to help them regain self-confidence and show their own charm.

“I have some friends of same age, they lost confidence because of their skin or body shape, they don’t make up or go to some group activities. All of this makes me very touched, I think women should never forget to keep their beauty, whether they are 20 or 60!” She said.

“I recommended them to use Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream and told them the products that I used, and that many of my colleagues in the circle are using it. Then, they started with a try, and one or two months later, they updated the photos of Facebook and Twitter at the same time. I think you know the reason.”

So far, Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream has accumulated a large number of celebrity customers, Christie is one of the most representative of them. Just began to use, it can quickly remove wrinkles on your face, acne, senile plaques and other problems, of course, this is a time effect, after 2-3 weeks to use, it is a permanent effect as the acme of perfection. What is more surprising is that the ingredients are simple and the technology is not complicated. The price is much lower than that of the expensive cosmetics, and the effect is surprisingly good. “Although many people spend hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars to buy those expensive cosmetics and skin care products, but they do not seem to achieve what we really want, and that we are long-term use of cosmetics will damage our skin, but can’t bring us to the” beautiful “.

“Traditional cosmetics just cover up the flaws in our skin, and Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream gives me the ultimate solution to skin problems.” “I think every woman should experience that feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing themselves look years younger. My team and I are committed to delivering on every promise we make. I really use these products every day and I know when you do too, you will be thrilled with the results.” Christie Brinkley said.

Following is a tracking test for a user of Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream:

Emma Johnson, a 50 year old middle school teacher, has long been preparing to stay up late, making her skin look a lot worse than her peers. She looks like 60 or even 65.

“From the age of 40, my skin began to become noticeably worse. I tried a lot of skin care products and cosmetics, and the result was a temporary solution. Once I wanted to do plastic surgery, but my husband stopped it.””

Emma said she had no effect on try many products was very depressed, and finally gave up, when we found her, she was not interested in, then we gave her to see Christie and several other people’s personal experience, she finally decided to join the test.

We followed Emma for two weeks to see the changes in her skin, what we saw:

Emma’s 14-day transformation using Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream

Julia’s Story & 14 Day Cell Revival Results:

Here are the results from using Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream for just 14 days…

Day 1

“On the first day, I felt the pores on my skin begin to tighten. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like a vacuum cleaner is sucking my skin.” Especially in the eyes and forehead, there is a slight fever feeling. The doctor told me that this is the blood began to return to the surface of my skin”

Day 5

“After using Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream for fifth days, the effect is very shocking, wrinkles, spots gradually began to fade away, obviously feel the skin becomes compact than before a lot, I seem to have a return to the 20 year old feeling, really exciting!”

Day 14

“The fourteenth day, wrinkles and spots disappeared completely, at this moment, I doubt Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream also disappeared, my forehead, neck, eye skin becomes very compact, those products used before I never let me have this feeling”

“Two weeks later, my skin has been in good shape and is slowly getting better. I wonder if it will take a long time to return to beauty and confidence at the age of 30.” My family and friends were shocked when they saw my changes. It took me a long time to convince them that I didn’t do plastic surgery”

“My female friends, I solemnly tell you, Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream is really effective, is now in the past six months, my skin of face still no change to relaxation. Wrinkles and spots did not appear again. So, it’s really a miracle!” Do you still hesitate to see these?

The overwhelming majority of middle-aged and elderly women, wrinkles, loose spots, so that they lost their own beauty and self-confidence. Now, no need to worry about these issues, Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream provides you with perfect skin problem solutions, no risk of surgery, and do not have to pay highly fees, the recovery of youth is no longer a dream!

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Using Allumiere Anti-Aging Cream, removed virtually 96% of all her wrinkles and problem areas. It tightened her face and neck, removing all signs of sagging, aging, and dehydrated skin.

There are plenty of skincare gimmicks out there, most of them are ridiculously expensive. And with so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results. So instead of making promises, we simply challenge you to try it for yourself!


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