Major Garrett Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Fired and Net Worth

Major Garrett was born on 24th of August 1962 in San Diego, California. He is best known for CBS News where he is a Chief White House Correspondent.

He has also been famous as he worked for “National Journal” as a correspondent. His birth name is Major Elliott Garett. Most of the people believe that “Major” is his rank in the army, but this is not true.

He has also been engaged in many popular channels such as Fox News Channel and many others.

He is a graduate student at the University of Missouri where he achieved two degrees in Journalism and Political Science. He started his career from the early 1990s and is engaged in this field till now.

At first, he was the correspondent for “US News and World Report” in The Washington Times. As his name got popular among the readers, he joined CNN.

From there, he got a chance to cover the 2004 election and much other important news. He has also worked in many magazines as well.

He has worked as a reporter for Los Vegas Review Journal, Houston Post, and Amarillo Globe-News. He has also written several articles in The Weekly Standard, Mother Jones, and Washington Monthly.

He joined the Fox News Channel in 2004. There, he became the correspondent for the popular program “National Journal.” Though his popularity increased from this program, he left this job in 2010.

Though it is not officially proved, many people still believe that he was fired from the job. Due to his dedication to the job, he has won several prestigious awards as well.

He also got a chance to cover the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. He has also appeared on MSNBC and “Face the Nation” where he worked as a guest commentator.

He has always been cautious about his personal life. So, there are no records of him having a girlfriend, dating as well as an affair. So, there were rumors that he can be a gay.

But this rumor was proved wrong as he got married to Julie Kirtz. Their relationship has been sound and happy till this day. It is because of their cooperation and trust to each other.

Julie, his wife, said that if there is a trust in the relationship, there will be no consequences of getting a divorce as well. The couple has three children altogether.

He is a tall guy with the height of 5 feet 10 inch. Though he has reached the age of 54, he still does his work efficiently and more. Though there is no official record of his net worth and annual salary, it is certainly counted in millions.

He has the residence in Washington DC and lives there with his family. He has seen many hurdles in his professional life. He has come over all of them to grab this height.

He is also the regular user of social media. He always wants to get feedback from his audience as well as want to know his weaknesses so that he can improve on them.

So, he has made this possible through these sites. If you are also his fan, you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook as well as on Instagram.

The greeting…..for me?? (Probably not) @realDonaldTrump rally Charlotte, NC!

His pictures, as well as shows, are available on the web. If you want to know more about him, you can visit Wikipedia and IMDB and see his full biography.