Malyk Santíago

(Credit to Alexia Conjudo who has contributed this edit.)

Malyk is a talented American fashion model and a Internet sensation star born in the late 90s. He’s an amazing handsome guy, he has a perfect looking face with his big light brown eyes, perfect lips and a beautiful bright smile that reflects his personality & positive nature.

He is 19 years old , as he was born on the 29th of October, 1999 in Beverly Hills, California, United States of America and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in a middle-class family and looked to have an amazing childhood.

Born as the youngest child of three, he was raised with his two gorgeous sisters & one handsome brother; Toya, Marie and Olajuwon; who are older than him.

With his parents both Americans by nationality; his family however, has a multiracial ethnicity. it looks like Malyk Santíago is african American on his dad side whereas his mother had a Dominican, Puerto Rican & Indian ancestry.


Secret Life

Regarding Malyk Santíago’s fans to know more about his daily life, there are not many sources at the moment that contains information about his his life and career.

At such a young age, he has inspired many teenagers in the youth who has ambition to become something great in life using their own special authentic talents, he has made his parents and fans very proud!

Walking in runways in front of 4.98 million people at such a young age over the years, he has learned how to control his fears and a let his confidents take over. He remembers his earlier days when his fears surfaced; it was the same when he will have photoshoots, or when he’s on the runway stage walking in front of crowds.

“I was so nervous every time I knew it was my turn to go out and walk the runway I would think I’m walking weird. I had like an extreme anxiety attack & felt sick to to the stomach, thinking I will just collapse off of the stage.


Is Malyk Gay?

Currently at 19 years of age, Malyk has no traces of being romantically involved with anyone.

With no information of news about his dating life, Malyk Santíago isn’t looking for anyone & has only been focusing on his modeling career that is extremely important to him now.

Although Malyk is a very well known icon on the internet with so many fans and even acting credits, from some sources he hasn’t had any girlfriends so far. That’s a big shocker , especially when you consider the confidence and potential level of this young man who is famous, amazing looking & the work he’s done to earn the success.

He looks like a very fun spiritual-loving person who is a good role model to the youth & and who is out to discover different things in the world! His social media has had a massive healthy following due to him walking in fashion shows for numerous designers & fashion brands giving him a platform to also have a career in the social media world!


Social Networking

Malyk Santíago knows the pros & cons when having a popularity image by updating fans about upcoming projects or letting people know what’s going on in his life.

If you want to learn more about his life, you can follow him on Instagram. He has a huge following on there

and wherever he travels he would make sure to bring you along with him during his journeys.

To keep up with Malyk Santíago and all his latest news , projects, post and collaborations activities; you can connect with Malyk on his social media sites. He is very active on Instagram, since joining in 2013 he has over 40,000 followers; on his official account



Net worth

His net worth according to some sources is close to $60,000 thousand US which is a pretty good amount at this young age.


Upcoming Collaborations


There’s not many source information about his upcoming collaboration but Malyk Santíago & Glamour British Model Chloe Ayling, will likely remain in Bali, Indonesia for an upcoming collaboration brand photoshoot in 2019!