Margaret Cho Wiki, Married, Husband or Lesbian/Gay and Tattoos

Margaret Moran Cho is an American actress, a stand-up comedian, singer, songwriter, fashion designer and an author as well. She is best known for her tattoos, and her critical comedy on politics, social problems, gender inequality and such things. Apart from her underwear designs and products for both men and women, she has also been an active member and supporter of the LGBT community of Asia, and also has won awards for those social acts. Having acted in some TV shows and movies like It’s My Party, Face/ Off, Sex and the City, Falling for Grace etc., she is equally famous for her quotes and fashion blogs which you can find on the internet, along with her biography in Wikipedia.

Born on the 5th of December, 1968 in San Francisco, California, USA, she was born to parents of Korean ethnicity, but she is an American by nationality. Her father Young-Hie and mother Seung-Hoon had a book shop in the vicinity, and for Cho, it was the best place to hang out in her neighborhood, which she describes to be “dangerous”. Studying at a local school, her interest in acting drove her to San Francisco School of the Arts, from which she evolved not only as an actress but an icon. With a huge fan following on Twitter and Instagram, her recent net worth value was 3 million US dollars.

Despite the accusations that thought Margaret was a lesbian by sexuality, the rumors have been set at rest. In an interview when asked if she was gay or not, she replied “Am I a lesbian? Well you have to ask my girlfriend about that. But I don’t have any yet…there you go, that is your answer.” With much attention into her personal life if what she does, whom she meets and such, there have often been misunderstood and misinterpreted news as a result of which she has even vowed to take legal actions against the media.

It looks like she has officially dated 5 guys till now, and having been married once has recently got divorced. Her first boyfriend was Scott Aukerman, followed by men like Michael Landry, Dave Navarro, Garrett Wang, Chris Isaak and Quentin Tarantino. Although some of her affairs ended up shortly others seemed like they would end up in a marriage and happy life after which did not happen. She was married to Al Ridenour in 2003, and after 11 years of married life divorced her husband, without having any children.

Not a very tall woman, she measures only a 165 cm tall; which is 5 feet and 5 inches in height. Her last recorded weight was 63 kg, which might be a little more than what must have been appropriate, but given her age and her lifestyle it isn’t so bad. She believes herself to be a food junkie and says that she could “eat anything, as long as it doesn’t look disgusting”. Not particularly a hot icon, she has got many exposed pictures, nudes as well as bikini photos to display her not so sexy body. From what we have seen in those photos, we can certainly claim that she is a tattoo crazy and has got more than a dozen to tattoos on her body. Some of them include the flower petals on her shoulder and chest, on her arms, a bird (peacock) on her left arm, a snake just below her left breast, a human eye on her elbow and a gun strapped to her thigh, like those James Bond girls in movies.