Mariah Carey – the heavenly voice behind “All I want for Xmas” – music career, relationships, net worth and social media

Mariah Carey (born March 27, 1970) is an American pop singer, producer, songwriter, and actress.

Mariah Carey was born in Huntington, New York, on March 27, 1970. She is the third and youngest child of Patricia Hickey, a former opera singer and vocal educator, and Alfred Roy Carey, who is of African American and Spanish-Venezuelan descent. It is named after the song “And They Called the Wind Mariah” from the musical “Paint Your Wagon”. The singer has a sister – Alison, and a brother – Morgan. Because the family consists of several races, it is often subject to racist insults, hostility, and even violence. This leads to frequent relocations in the New York area.

The tension led to the divorce between the two parents when she was 3 years old. Kerry rarely has contact with her father, and her mother works in several places to support the family. Spending most of her time alone at home, Kerry turns music into a vent. He started singing at the age of 4, and in front of an audience – at the age of 6. She wrote her first songs at school, and her mother and members of her opera company were impressed by the little girl’s talent.

From beauty school to the music scene

Mariah attended and graduated from Oldfield Middle School and Harborfields High School in Greenloon, New York, although she was often absent due to attempts to break into the music industry. After moving to New York and graduating from cosmetology school, he became the backing vocalist of Brenda K. Starr. In 1988, Mariah Carey met Columbia Records director Tommy Motola at a party, at which Starr gave him his demo. Motola listens to him before he leaves, and is very impressed. He returns to the party to find Carrey, but she’s already gone. Nevertheless, he looked for her later and signed a contract with her. The story, resembling that of “Cinderella”, became an integral part of the publications about the beginning of the singer’s career.