Marlo Hampton Wiki, Bio, Age, Married, Husband and Net Worth

Former Real housewives of Atlanta member, Tampa Florida native Marlo Hampton seemed to have moved on from the show, but she is surely missing the spotlight and popularity she had when she was on the show.

At the age of 45 as of 2017, the African American beauty of American nationality is expected to come up with her new book. Moreover, she is also the sole owner of an elite-focused fashion boutique in Atlanta and a fashion blog. 

Arts graduate from the College of Arts, and Social work/interdisciplinary science graduate from the University of Southern Florida, Marlo is hopeful that something big will say high to her in her journey to return to the television industry.

Now, moving on to her body configuration and physical sex appeal, she is a hot woman who enjoys a fit pear shaped body. Anyway, her exact body measurements are not known, but we can easily see that she has more body weight concentrated on her lower side.

Furthermore, she derives her high physical sex appeal from her fit body, well-maintained long hair and soft skin, hot and meaty thighs and legs, shapely bosoms and sound fashion sense.

Furthermore, she is a tall woman with the height that is speculated to be in the range of 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 1 inches.

Unfortunately, we don’t know her exact height, but we can still confirm that she is taller than Nene Leakes, current RHOA star, and Marlo’s former BFF.  By ethnicity, Marlo is a black, but her exact lineage is not known.

Let’s move on to her personal life now, shall we?
We are feeling more than happy to state that Marlo and Chicago Bears former defensive end Charles Grant are no longer dating. a

During the season 4 of the show RHOA (2011-2012), it was highly rumored that she was engaged to Charles. If you didn’t know, Marlo in the year 2012 publicly confessed that she has nothing to do with a boyfriend turned fiancée Charles anymore.  

Surely, Marlo made the right decision for herself because standing by the man who is a proven wind-up merchant and a troublemaker wouldn’t have made any sense. 

Even before meeting Marlo, he was facing the legal suit on a charge of involuntary manslaughter. And, that’s not it.

 Don’t get surprised if we tell he has baby mamas in various part of the country.  After facing the angle injury back in 2007, he was unable to continue his successful career.

In 2010, Chicago Bears dropped him and not even a single team picked him up. Maybe he was too injury prone or wasn’t fit to play.

Also, it is highly believed that he wasn’t picked by any team because of his numerous legal battles and offensive personality. No wonder, he has estimated net worth that is $1 Million US dollars.

Hey! Charles.  We can understand that the injury destroyed you, and you may even have gone through killing depression after the injury. 

But, that doesn’t mean you have got any right to shoot weapons in public places or hook up and have children with numerous women. To do such things Charlie, you have to be a husband or at least committed boyfriend of a woman.

Thank God, Marlo didn’t ruin her life by getting married to him. If she had married him, then she would have to go through all sorts of legal messes including divorce (of course she would have divorced him if they had married).

Ok, Marlo also has got criminal records, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a changed woman. Indeed, she is a changed woman now, and she has every right to reject troublemaking personalities like Charlie.

The show was full of drama and chaos. The situations like name-calling, spreading rumors about one another, and conflict of personalities was very common in the show.

Sad but true, Marlo’s past isn’t as good as her present is now. Matter of fact,  Marlo has series of bitter past experiences such as being arrested for Aggravated Battery/Great Bodily Harm at the age of 21 and much more.  

Nene in one of the episodes of the show in 2014 revealed past violent behavior of her former BFF Marlo. Also, in the same year, Marlo revealed about Nene constantly cheating her husband.

And, in the same year, Nene past criminal record was also revealed. See, it’s just a vicious cycle. I don’t know if they get involved in these sorts of situations for popularity or something else, but it’s totally crystal clear that the show RHOA is all about drama.

Growing up in a Foster home never helped her. Her young days were all about being young, wild and free. But after transitioning to a mature woman, she realized that life gives everyone a second chance. So, now she lives to inspire. She may not be perfect. But, she surely is a self-made woman.

She says that she didn’t go to the show to portray someone who is noble or someone like wife a minister. Rather she was there reflecting upon her hard growing days. So if you are wondering, what is that will inspire from the life story of Marlo, then you have come to the right place.

She has taught us to never to give up in hard situations and always to believe ourselves. She has taught us that you can contribute to society even you are not a millionaire.

Just for instance, Marlo’s long-running cam again “Glam it up,” which tries to inspire a group of foster young girls every year, has been very successful.

Also, she has actively been involved in various self-made philanthropic programs.

Seriously, how much of you have contributed to society over these past 5 years?

Another wiki on her professional life including her biography and pictures can be accessed via various sources on the media, or you can try, her official site.

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Admirers can connect with the social magnet via social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. 

Last but not the least, her net worth is believed to be in the range of $500 thousand US dollars.