Martin Klebba Wiki, Bio, Wife and Net Worth

Martin Klebba is an American actor and Stuntman, Born on June 23, 1969 in Troy, Michigan, United States. Klebba has been active in movie industry since 1992 and he has performed in numerous movies. He has a disease named acromicric dysplasia, which reduces the height of the person. He is only 4 feet 1 inch tall. Klebba is currently 45 years of age and his home is located in Michigan where he lives with his wife and 2 children. Klebba was raised on Michigan by his family and graduated from Athens High School. He is also the CEO of a nonprofit organization called Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy; this organization donates money for the dwarf people’s welfare. Klebba has been inspiration for many dwarf people who are depressed from their lives. He lives a very decent live with his family and loves to play video games with his son when he is free.

Klebba started his professional acting career from the year 1992 but, before this period he was performing in numerous dramas and stages.  He has also been performing stunts for various movies like Hancock, Zombieland, Bedtime Stories and Van Helsing. His active participation in the movie series Pirates of Caribbean was one of the best performances in his career. He was the crewmember of the famous pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). Apart from Pirates of Caribbean he has also features in Hobbit series and Lord of the Rings movies. The majority of movies, which he has acted, are of action genre. He has also appeared in numerous TV shows and TV series. The popular TV series are Snow White, Comedy Central and Knee High. Klebba has been very decent person throughout his career; he started dating Michelle Dilgard from the year 2008 according to the sources. He then married Michelle in the Year 2011 at his hometown. His wife turned girlfriend is currently looking after his two children, and there’s not any rumor about their divorce. His wife gave birth to a son and a daughter at the same time, which proves Klebba, is not a gay. 

Klebba is an American citizen and belongs to the white ethnicity. His net worth has been estimated about $7 million in the year 2014. Klebba is very decent man and focuses to spend his entire time with his family. His instagram profile consist his numerous pictures with his family at home, tours and beaches. He loves to rest in the beaches and does have many shirtless pictures in his profile. He is also an active user of twitter and has more than 22 K followers. Klebba’s nonprofit foundation has been improvising people to participate in different activities. His organization’s main intention is to increase confidence in the dwarf people of US and utilize the facilities provided by the government. Before he started his career he never intended to perform in any movies, his major philosophy was to perform stunts only. Later many directors felt the need of dwarf people in the movies and then his was given many roles to perform. His biography can be easily found in the numerous wiki and web sites.