Matt Passmore Wiki, Married, Wife or Divorced, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Matt Passmore is an Australian actor of movies and T.V shows who is best known for his role as “Marcus Turner” in the TV show McLeod’s Daughters. Apart from that, he is also known to have played in Come Back to Me (2014), Masterwork (2009), Last Man Standing (2005) and many others movies and TV films. He was born in Wynnum-Manly, Brisbane, Australia on the 24th of December, 1973 and started his acting journey towards the late 90s. With almost 18 years in the industry he still looks sharp and determined at the age of 43.

The world of a public figure, and actor might seem all bright and shiny but it is equally dark at time, full of pressure and tension. Especially, with so much speculations and rumors going on in the media, it sometimes becomes gets very agitating and at times, almost impossible to deal with. Similar was the case with Matt, when there was a big gossip accusing him to be sexually gay. The news became so big and viral that he himself had to come out and explain things, unstringing the complexity of the matter. Those natter, however rose when there was almost no information regarding his dating life, and it seemed like he had never had a girlfriend in his life. But, looking deep into the matter we found out some things about his love life and that he has already been with two women. He seemed to have had romantic relationships with actress Jacqui Passmore between 1998 and 2006. After the breakup, he was seen dating Rachael Carpani, whom he married in the same year. He seems to have got strong relationship with his wife, and despite any kids till now, there is no rumor about them getting divorced anytime soon.

It is a well acknowledged fact that Passmore has achieved all the success and fame through his hard work, dedication, talent and a little bit of luck. He has got flair when it comes to acting and his wide ranges of on screen roles are proof to that. But it cannot be denied that despite his commitment; his looks and character have also played significant roles in his upcoming. With a decent character, confident attitude and jolly nature, he is very popular amongst his friends and has got good relationship with his colleagues and critics too. He is a good looking man; fair, with thick short hair and big blue eyes, with a smile, which is always present. With a slightly athletic body which he seems to have maintained well, he has also got a very good height and measures about 6 feet and a couple of inches. Although he might have put on a little bit of weight now, but you can see how fit and hot he looks in his shirtless pictures, which can be found in the media.

One of the most successful actors; he has got a huge fan following and popularity not only in Australia but around the world. He ranks amongst the top Aussie actors like Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemmsworth and others, and with over 23 K followers on his Twitter account; the numbers are similar on his Instagram account. In order to find out more about his personal or professional life, you can read his biography on sites like Wikipedia, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and others. Likewise, his interviews and quotes are also often search and read by his lovers, which is easily available. With an enormous fame, he has got a big bank balance as well and his net worth value in 2016 is about $5 million U.S dollars.