Max Burkholder Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay

Max Burkholder has dedicated his entire life acting, and guesses what, his age is just 17 as of 2015.

Started his on-screen career from the role of “Max Ryerson”, a kid who is learning the sacred knowledge of potty management from his superiors, in the 2003 comedy blockbuster specializing in potty humors and unlikely child management namely “Daddy Day Care”, the L.A. born nerd effectively showed his verbal skills as a voice actor in many hit television shows and movies before finally landing his career-hit role of “Max Bravemen”, an Asperger’s Syndrome affected intelligent and introverted kid in the family drama “Parenthood” (2010).

Besides Parenthood, he is known for his role in the famous on-screen acts such as In Treatment (2008-2009), Friends With Money (2006) and The Purge (2013).

Details information on his professional life can be accessed via his Wikipedia’s biography page.

Now moving on to his body configuration, he is a slender teen with winsome looks, magnetic voice and curly hair. When he joined the show in his early teens (2010), he was a little cute boy that everybody loved. As of 2015, his current height is speculated in between 5 feet 7 inches to 6 feet. Undoubtedly, he will be a tall man in coming future given he is still in a growth phase. Talking about his ethnicity, he has German, English and Jewish roots.

About his relationship or dating status, he is identified as a single. He definitely doesn’t need a girlfriend this year as he has his loving babysitter. Yep, you heard it right. Unfortunately, he is not in love with his babysitter in his real life but in his upcoming Indie movie Babysitter, where he plays the character Ray Longway, a moody teenager in-between his parent’s high-end divorce.

As far as we know, he is not a gay as he has shown no traits of one. Even if he is one, we have to wait until he comes out. As for now, it will be safe to state that he is not a gay.

Interested in acting since his childhood, Max got immense support from his parents since his young days.  Importantly, his parents are former actors and his inspirational figures.

Not only he proved that he is a responsible actor, but he also proved that you don’t have to be in a charity organization to do some serious social work. He didn’t know anything about autism when he was given the role. But with enough seriousness, coordination with experts and self-research, he mastered the role and the expressions plus awareness involved.

Moreover, he helped many Americans change their perception regarding autism, thanks to his powerful and relatable performances in the show. Furthermore,he has also worked off-screen participating in various pro-autism charity events, interviews and speak programs. Nevertheless, he was also very quick to ask his fans for the required help when the third-world country called Nepal suffered from a series of devastating earthquake this 2015. Well, he has a big heart.

The #NepalEarthquake shattered the lives of countless people. While the temples and buildings can be rebuilt lives cannot. Rest in piece.

To donate to those affected by the #NepalEarthquake please visit or global – Max’s tweet 

Unfortunately, we don’t know his net worth. But, it may be a good amount given his successful career till now.

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