Max von Sydow Wiki, Health, Dead or Alive and Net Worth

Carl Adolf “Max” von Sydow is a Swedish actor who was born on the 10th of April, 1929 and is currently 86 years of age. He was born in Lund, Skåne, Sweden into a rich family where his father Carl Wilhelm von Sydow was a professor as well as an anthropologist. HE studied as a child at the Lund Cathedral School, where he mastered over English and German languages. There he founded a small drama company with some of his friends, but upon graduation had to serve the national military for a couple of years. Then, he returned to Stockholm and studied at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, from where he started his acting career. A Swedish by nationality, he is a follower of Christianity and belongs to white ethnicity.

Carl is a tall man and has a very good height. Being a Swedish, it can be said that most of them are known for their heights, and he stands over a 193 cm tall which is about 6 feet and 4 inches. He is a fair and handsome man, and from the picture that is there on the web he used to be quiet attractive as a young man. Known for his blonde hair, he has got green eyes and a round face, and his smile is one of his many attractive features. A slim person, he never put on much weight in any part of his career and although he never really went to work out in a gym, but still practiced yoga and played football. With no particular features of a muscular man, he doesn’t have any tattoos in his body as well. You can visit his official Instagram account to see his recent videos and pictures.

In his late 80s now, Carl had been in some relationships in his life and had dated a couple of women that we know of. Being a celebrity, his personal life has always been a matter of interest to other people, and despite all the media attention, we haven’t been able to dig out many names associated with him. Having been married twice in his life, he has been divorced twice as well. His first wife was Christina Inga Britta Olin, whom he married in the August of 1951 and lived together for 28 long years. Divorced in 1979, they had two children in together named Clas and Henrik. In the April of 1997, he married Catherine Brelet who is his current wife and they have also got two children in together. With rumors regarding him being sexually gay brushed aside, there have been other false accusations about his life.

Carl has appeared in about 100 movies but not in any TV shows. He has contributed with his acting or only his voice in movies of different countries; England, France and America. Some of his most notable works have been in; Truth & Treason, Man in the Rain, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Solomon Kane, Shutter Island and plenty more. His hard work and versatility as an actor has earned him many important awards and nominations. Eventually, his fan following has grown around the world and he has got massive fan following on twitter.

With a couple of surgeries and chronic diseases, Carl’s health has been a major concern over the years. Growing old has made him weak of course, but false rumors about his death have concerned his fans worldwide. But such false news has been countered by his official sources saying that he is not dead. After his liver operation in 2012, he has been in a gradually good shape and is well and alive. To know more about his biography, you can refer to IMDB or Wikipedia among other sites. Carl has an estimated net worth of about $215 million dollars by 2015.