Megan Nicole Wiki, Boyfriend, Dating and Ethnicity

Megan Nicole is an American singer, songwriter, model as well as actress and a TV personality. She began her career as a singer, when she composed and sang her own stuff and posted on YouTube, first in 2009. Since then, she has been up on the main stage and has received quiet fame and success, from an internet media artist to main stream celebrity. Having released over 20 different songs and music videos, she also starred as an actress in the 2015 movie Summer Forever, in the role of “Sydney”. It has been her 7th year to which she has been popular and as she rose to fame from the Internet, that has given her a huge fan following from different parts of the world.

Megan was born on the 1st of September, 1993 as Megan Nicole Flores, the daughter of father Frankie and mother Tammy Flores. A second daughter to the couple, she grew up with her elder sister Maddie Taylor in their house, which is located in Katy, Texas, United States of America. Her interest in music rose from the music classes at school, which saw her perform in choirs and then towards instruments. She started to appear in most of her school’s programs and later was a regular performer at the church too. With her dedication towards music always supported by her parents, she progressed without any hesitation and by her early teens could play a couple of instruments like keyboard and guitar. Talking about her ethnicity, her parents are both Americans, although her father seems to have a mixed European ethnicity.

It can be said that apart from her talent in music or acting, her confidence is one strong thing that has helped her rise. She is a woman in her early 20s, with a beautiful face and hot figure and has been often searched for her sexy pictures despite none of that being available. With her dark brown hair and blue eyes, she is famous for her acute voice that rises to high pitch often when she sings. With her height of 5 feet and 7 inches and her body measurements of 31- 27- 33 inches; she has got the potential to attract many eyes towards her, especially that of guys. However, when searched for her current boyfriend, we have not got any name to bring to you, which is quiet, surprising. As she is closely followed by the paparazzi that tend to discover as much about her as possible, there is not single news when it comes to her dating life.

With over 400 K followers on her official Twitter account @megannicole, the numbers are similar on her Instagram as well, which gives us a very good idea of her popularity. She also has got millions of viewers on her official website, who try to find out more about her tour dates, ticket process etc. She has got over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel “megannicolesite”, with over 600 million viewers as of March, 2016. With so many people reading about her biography in Wikipedia and other sites, it is revealed that she has a net worth value of $2.5 million dollars, in 2016.