Mel Brooks Wiki, Married, Wife, Children and Net Worth

Mel Brooks was born in the year 1926 on 28th of June which makes him 90 years old right now. At this very late age, he has been named as a living legend and has contributed a lot in the film sector.

He has been a very successful actor and a director. He is a very talented man, and alongside direction and acting, he has also been a very successful songwriter, comedian, and a composer.

He has produced a lot of movies as well. He was born in a place called Brooklyn which lies in New York of United States of America, and this makes his nationality American and ethnicity white.

He is not very tall as his height is only 5 feet 5 inches, which lies around 1.65 meters. He has maintained his weight at this late age also which makes him look very fit.

If anyone is interested to read more on him and his inspiring biography, then they can visit his biography on wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDB.

His personal life had ups and downs. He married Florence Baum in the year 1953 and lived with her as husband and wife for nine years.

In the year 1962, their relationship sadly ended in tragedy. After two years of his split up with Florence, he married Anne Bancroft in the year 1964.

Sadly in the year 2005 Anne passed away because of cancer and this was one of the biggest tragedies in his life. He has a total of four children and their names are Max Brooks, Nicky Brooks, Stephanie Brooks and the last one Eddie Brooks.

He has played in a lot of movies and TV shows and the series and movies he has directed and produced can be collected by buying his collection. He has acted in some great silent movies as well.

He acted alongside his wife in a movie called Silent Movie in the year 1976 which he produced and directed as well.

He wrote and directed a movie called The Producers in the year 1968 and his outstanding work lead the movie to an award called Academy Award for the category of best original screenplay.

He wrote and directed another movie called The Twelve Chairs in the year 1970 and he acted in that movie as well. He acted in a movie called Blazing Saddles in the year 1974 and he wrote and directed that movie as well.

He played in a movie called High Anxiety in the year 1977. He directed that movie and produced it as well. He played in a movie called Spaceballs in the year 1987.

He wrote the screenplay of that movie himself and produced it as well. Other movies to his credits are Dracula: Dead and Loving It in the year 1995, Robin Hood: Men in Tights in the year 1993 and Life Stinks in the year 1991.

He wrote a TV show called Your Show of Shows from the year 1950 to the year 1954. He has contributes in theatres as well such as Shinbone Alley and Young Frankenstein.

He has a jaw-dropping net worth of 85 million U.S dollars which proves his worth to the industry.

He is a superstar in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. He has 99.8 thousand followers on Twitter, and this shows his fan following on the site. He has tweeted 127 times till now. 

The surreal, singular relevance of @MelBrooks and “Blazing Saddles” in 2016:

He uploads his recent and latest pictures in Instagram to share them with his fans, and his fans cannot stop admiring him.