Mercedes Javid Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband or Boyfriend and Net Worth

As the famous Iranian American Novelist Porochista Khakpour likes to label Shahs of Sunet as ” Kardashian-Real-Housewives-Jersey Shore mash-up, we as well think that the Bravo successful reality show is just for entertainment purpose and shouldn’t be taken otherwise.

Surely, it’s a matter of debate whether the reality show is making Iranian-American living in Los Angeles look bad or not (negative stereotyping).

But the fact is that the show features a handful of Iranian-Americans, and they may not represent the entire population of Iranian-American living there. Plus, they no way in the world represent Iranian living in their motherland Iran.

So, what do they represent? Most of the casts of the show like to identify themselves as modern-day Americanized version of Persians. Having said that, our site also wants to debunk the stereotypes such as “Iranian -Americans are uncivilized, too materialistic and cultural-jokers.”

We guess the above paragraph must have hit your brain. Such traits can exist in almost all culture. Simply, most of the casts of the show are upscale Iranian-Americans with high individualistic traits. The show has chosen interesting peoples who live there exactly the way they want. And what is this writer up to? You may be currently thinking.

Your wait is over now. On this lovely day, we are feeling desperate to talk about Shahs of Sunset freak-out one namely Mercedes “MJ” Javid.

At the age of 42 as of 2015, MJ, a reality TV star of American nationality, is a proud unmarried woman. She is a real-estate agent by profession. In fact, she works for the internationally popular real state franchise Keller Williams Realty. She is generally involved in transactions of highly valued real-state assets in Los Angeles area.

Nevertheless, she is also known for her carefree attitude. Sometimes she even gets leveled by the terms such as “arrogant,” “spoiled-rich” and “chubby version of Kim Kardashian” – thanks to her wild partying lifestyle and straightforward nature with a sharp tongue.

Even her show mate Tv-bad girl  “GG” Gharachedaghi and self-proclaimed “Persian Pop Priestess Asa Soltan Rahmati have labeled her  “shady and competitive friend.”

The show casts are often considered as helplessly prone to controversies because of their unconventional lifestyle. MJ is no different.

The previous year a reporter into a wild-spread controversy after answering a smart question asked MJ.

The TMZ reporter was fully determined to extract her thoughts about her previously-out sexy car pics. The pictures showed MJ washing her car wearing nothing but a G-string bikini.
What happened were some reporters spotted drunk MJ coming out of the Bootsy Bellows party in West Hollywood. Then the reporter couldn’t resist from saying  –

The reporter- “MJ, What do you have to say to the people that said your car washing shoot was a waste of water while there was a drought going on?”

Drunk MJ- Car should be clean.

The reporter- But no concern for the drought

Drunk MJ- F*** the drought. By the way, we get our water source from other places. You know that right? ……………(continued)

Answering the questions she heads to her car and shows her bosoms to the camera from inside the car and thus creates a controversy.  

Now moving on to her physical sex appeal, she is a sexy woman. She has been able to flaunt her glorious assets even at this age. She is mainly known for her mountainous bosoms, gigantic buttocks, and meaty hot legs.

Although we don’t know her exact body measurements, we previously used to guess that she is an apple shaped woman. However, since 2014, she is looking more like a pear shaped woman with a slim waist and weighty lower part.

Many people are refusing to believe that she has accomplished the hard-result so easily. Mercedes say her new fit body is the result of a lot of exercises and good sex. But many people believe that she has gone through plastic surgeries procedures like liposuction and even several boob jobs.

Unfortunately, we also don’t know her exact weight. In an interview in 2013, she said that her body lies in the range of 8-10. But many people back then refused to believe that as well because everybody was getting so habitual of seeing MJ as a weighty carefree woman.

But MJ says she has been routinely doing cardio and some gym activities so that her weight remains in balance. Plus, she thinks that her slim waist is the result of her constant hard works. She simply is proud of her body even though she is not a tall or a slim woman. She says she doesn’t want a perfect body; rather she wants to live her life how she likes.

More importantly, she understands that her short height (5 feet and 4 inches) will make her look extremely fat and round (especially above the waistline) if she doesn’t get involve in exercises.   

Now moving on to her personal life, it’s true that she hasn’t married yet as per as our knowledge, but we can confirm that she has a boyfriend.

His name is Charlie. MJ first met Charlie via a Facebook app called Tinder in 2014, and he was able to impress all of the MJ friends plus pass all the test that her friends including Reza put forth before him before taking out MJ to a romantic restaurant date. 

Now that the reality star has a boyfriend, she will definitely think about taking the dating relationship to the next level. Also, she is triumphal that she has no infertility issues.

Previously, because of rising infertility rumors she had forced herself to take an infertility test, which she passed. 

Furthermore, there are no any other husband, divorce or children rumors on her over the media.  By ethnicity, she is a Persian Azerbaijanis. Nevertheless, she has an impressive net worth of around $5 million US dollar.


Other wiki on her personal and professional life including her biography can be accessed via various sites over the media. Also, you can connect the social networking sensation via social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.