Michael B. Jordan Girlfriend, Dating and Affair

Michael B. Jordan is an American Actor, who is best known for his roles as a teenage drug dealer “Wallace” in the TV series “The Wire.” He has also played as Reggie Montgomery in “All My Children”, Vince Howard on “Friday Night Lights”, and Alex in “Parenthood” respectively, which have been super hit in the TV.

His full name is Michael Bakari Jordan and was born on February 9, 1987. He was born in Santa Ana, California where he spent his childhood for two years before leaving to New Jersey.

He never thought to be an actor as he started his career as a model. After the success of “The Wire”, he got the opportunity to share the screen with Keanu Reeves in “Hardball” in 2012.

He has also played some movies like “Black And White”,  “Blackout”, “That Awkward Moment” and much more. It has been reported that Jordan will play the role of “The Human Torch” in the upcoming “Fantastic Four Movie,” which will be released by 2015.

Apart from his professional life, a lot happened in his personal life. He stands tall with his 5 feet 11-inch height.

He has a great personality, and it’s certain that any lady would fall for him. His age is 27 currently, but he admits he never had a girlfriend. Since there were many rumors about his dating and current affairs but he has been ignoring it.

In past few years, his shirtless pictures taken on the beach with a little brunette has got more attention. Since he hasn’t married yet, many people are calling him “Gay”.

In the recent interview, he accepted that he doesn’t have any close lady and is not intending to find his wife this soon in his career.

As an actor, he has been satisfactory and versatile. His choices are great, and his presentation in the camera is extraordinary. In this extended period of time, he had acted in many films and TV, but his actual pay has not been disclosed.

In the year 2014, he took the No.1 spot as a highest paid actor who speaks all. According to the latest sources that his net worth has been estimated as $8 million which is jaw dropping.

In this short period he has earned the name, fame, and money in huge figures, it’s his extraordinary talent and determination which has brought him to this stage.

He has changed his fortunes by investing in the stock market and has an own football team named  “Santa Ana Angels”. He is fascinated by food and drink that is why he is the owner of several restaurants in Washington and also has launched his brand of vodka named “Pure Wonder organ”.

He is competing in the market with his perfume brand named “With Love from Jordan” and has his fashion line called “Michael B, Jordan Seduction.” These facts reveal that in the days to come he will be earning more like hell.  

As an actor Jordan is popular among fans and lots of beautiful ladies, search him in various search engine. He has been at the heart of many beautiful women who can do anything to get a glimpse of this superstar.

He has been regularly found using social networking sites to interact with his fans and supporters. He has been found using Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis. He has been updating tweets and uploading new pictures via Instagram.

His other details can be easily found in various Wiki and IDMs. A star needs to maintain his relationship with his fans, and he has been keeping his fan following with the help of social sites.