Michael Grimm (singer) Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

The 30-year-old powerful minstrel who used to sing before the 2010 America’s Got Talent nobilities Piers Morgan, Sharon Osburne and Howie Mandel fulfilled people expectations even after leaving the magical place.

His last day in the promise-land saw him crowned the champion. The charisma of the man and healing nature of his soothing voice had preceded his past sufferings, as his face after winning the show was of the happiest man. People will never forget the day he arrived the promise land because the promising man first audition there was an emotional one. He was kind of retrospective before singing the audition song “You don’t know me”, after saying hi to the nobilities.

In the LA audition, he revealed that he has been playing music in Las Vegas in little bars and restaurants. Plus, he was also generous enough to reveal about his troubled childhood.

The southern boy and his sister were living on welfare. His unemployed father and church-cleaner mother tried to raise them with all of what they got, but it was not enough. Soon, there came a situation when the kids were soon to be given to an unknown family.

But, his grandparents stopped the notion and took full responsibility of the children. The old couple also rose the children with all of what they got and indeed, they were successful. At his grandparents’ house, he was inspired listening to his grandmother’s favorite country singers such as Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, George and Ray.

Unfortunately, his grandparents lost everything in the Hurricane Katrina (2005). This harsh situation encouraged him to go big. Before the hurricane, he already had released a single (at the age of 17) for which he got Country Christian Music Association (CCMA) “Star of Tommorrow” Covenant Award. Nevertheless, he got his first guitar at the age of 13 from the popular Gospel singer Ann McNair. He landed his first record deal at the age of 15. He was 21 years of age when he landed his first official concert ever “Legends in Concert” as guitarist and back up vocalist. The live celebrity impersonation show was a huge success. But, the hungry southern kid was still hungry.

Time passed, but he remained saddened by the fact that his grandparents had to reside in a small trailer after the hurricane.

Now, he is regarded as an established singer. Much more than that, he has fulfilled the promises he made to his grandparents and then girlfriend Lucie Zolcerova.

If by any chance he won the show, the blues/soul singer Micheal promised his grandparents that he will present them a new house. Also, while in the show, he couldn’t resist promising his then girlfriend Lucie that he will propose to her and later on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, he surely did in a most romantic way as possible by getting on his one knee.

 Later, they married in the same year in Hawaii (2012). Surely, they look lovely as a couple. Moreover, it’s true that they were in a dating relationship from a long time before they married. Also, they have no children yet, but are likely to have some in future. Furthermore, they are likely to enjoy each other company till forever. So, the things like divorce will not be rusting their married life since the both regard very high of each other.

Now moving on to his body configuration, he is a tall man with the height of 5 feet and 11 inches, while his beautiful wife height is speculated to be as near as 5 feet 8.5 inches.  Moreover, we don’t know his exact ethnicity. Must probably, he has a white ethnicity. 

Impressively, his net worth is speculated in between $3 million to $3.5 million US dollars. Over and above that, he regards his girlfriend, parents, sister, grandmother, and gospel singer Ann as his source of inspiration to success. For him money is not the primary thing in life, only his family is.  Most importantly, he always feels thankful to his grandparents for all the love they provided in both ups and downs of his life. They looked after their grandchildren because their own son and daughter-in-law were not in the condition to raise the kids.

Nevertheless, there are no shirtless pictures and gay rumors related to him on the media.

Other wiki on his professional life can be accessed via Wikipedia biography on him. Also, going through his official site would give you accurate insight on his past-present songs, tour dates and other related information. Last but not the least; his fans can connect him via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.