Michel’le Wiki, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend and Net Worth

She looks smoky, and she’s apparently hot. She’s forty-five years old but believe it or not she doesn’t look like she is, the charm in her face shines with youthful grace.

She is Michel’le Toussaint, a very well-known singer and a songwriter by her profession. She is mostly involved in her field and excelled in the R&B genre of music and is really adored by the youth and music lovers of this kind of music.

She is most popularly known for songs like No More Lies and Something In My Heart, which are also successful in getting on the Billboard Top 10 list as hits.

This celebrity with incredible height and figure has a unique childlike voice, which she has carried off like her signature.

Michel’le was born in California, shares the ethnicity with most Americans but has not mentioned about her parents and childhood anywhere in her interviews and talk shows.

We can’t even speculate if she had any inspirational figure in her childhood whom she looked upon as a source of motivation.

But this artist has evidently found what she can do best and has rightly chosen the profession that helped her to discover the real talent she had.

Michel’le should have shared about her academic qualifications and the music schools that she had gone to so that the youth who look up to her as a motivational figure would know how hard she has worked indeed.

Michel’le can be remembered as the one who was originally featured to contribute her vocals to the hit single ‘Turn Off the Lights’. The journey is accompanied by her releases of her debut albums and memorable tracks.

Her first album sold more than five hundred thousand copies. She is famous, isn’t she? Michel’le has a net worth of around $1 million dollars, the affluence, and luxury that she has surely come off from the talent and rhythm that she has in her voice.

The fame hasn’t come so quickly. Her two albums called Michel’le and Hung Jury that were released in 1989 and 1998 respectively gave her the worth she has.

The singles like Freedom to Love and It Still Hurts, which do not have any album specifications, were also really famous songs of Michel’le.

This hot celebrity had been dating Dr. Dre as her boyfriend. But the relationship didn’t go on well even though they have a son called Marcel.

The relationship had to be forbidden because Michel’le went on stating publically that Dr. Dre had been abusing her physically and that went on to the extent that he even broke her nose and ribs.

With this level of violence and trauma going on around, Michel’le might have had no option rather than to leave the man he once loved so dearly.

Later in 1999, she got married to Suge Knight. He stayed with her as her husband for eight long years and got divorced later.

The relationship was also not saved by the fact that they had a daughter together. We can say that sexy Michel’le has had ups and downs in her life for so many reasons. More about her can be read in Wikipedia.

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