Mister Cee Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife or Girlfriend and Net Worth

Calvin LeBrun, known by his artist names such as Mister Cee and DJ Mister Cee or by his nicknames such as WallopKing and the finisher, is a well-known African American artist.

Nearing to the milestone age of 50, the New York City native of black ethnicity has been active in the DJing industry for almost three decades as of 2015. In the long time, he has worked with various popular hip-hop artists. Most particularly, he is acknowledged for boosting up career of personas such as Big Daddy Kane and Notorious B.I.G.

Currently, he is a star radio personality on New York’s radio on New York’s radio 103.9 (since 2014). Not only that, he is an active DJ and a popular figure in urban hip-hop music. It’s no wonder he has a massive net worth of round 6.5 million US dollars.

Now moving on to his physical configuration, he is a tall man with a strong body. But, he has good amount of belly fat. Anyway, his height is speculated to be in between 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet. Nevertheless, he only needs some weight loss to be one of the hottest looking DJ of the city.

Talking about his relationship status, we can confirm that he is married to his career and music. However, he has never been married to any women or men as far as we know. 

Clearly, no one knows whether he has a girlfriend or not. He may even be dating his secret boyfriend. “Is Mister Cee a gay?” and “Is Mister Cee a bisexual?” are the two most frequently asked questions about the popular figure on the we.

Matter of fact, he is not sure about his sexual orientation (he said that during a Hot 97 live broadcast after his resignation was revoked in 2013 and later during a GQ interview also in 2013).

In past four years, we have seen his name getting attached to four sex scandals. In 2011, he was arrested for receiving oral sex in a car from another man. And in 2013, he was arrested allegedly for lobbying for sex with an undercover male police officer pretending to be a prostitute. The 2013 incident made him the talk of the town. However, he was unhappy the way media and people were judging him and talking about his sexuality. Therefore, he decided to have a divorce with his job at radio station Hot 97 and consult a therapist.

In the revelation interview with GQ, he also revealed about his unsuccessful past dating life from his past girlfriends to his strip club hunts.

We can understand what Mister Cee went through over the past few years. It was surely hard for him to date a woman seriously given his circumstances. He was constantly refusing gay and bisexual rumors and at the same time, his name was being highlighted in various gay and bisexual stories. His head might have pondered about various situations such as “How will my family react?” and “How will my employers react?”

So, where does he stand as of now?

Mister Cee is still unclear about his sexual orientation. As he likes to explain, he had never been involved in penetration experience with neither men nor any transgender, but he had other sexual experiences with either of the category in the past.

Therefore, it is less likely that we will hear girlfriend rumors about the Trinidadian descent anytime soon.  So, we will leave the matter in the hands of time. Now, it’s up to the never-ending time to decide his future. “Will he enjoy a happily married life with his future wife and children?” or “Will he adopt kids with his future male partner?” the questions remains unanswered for now. 

You can connect to him via social networking sites like Instagram (for pictures) and Twitter (for his radio 103.9 related tweets).  Last but not the least, one can view Mister Lee trending pictures on the web.

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