Model Imaan Hammam Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend and Dating


Imaan Hammam is gorgeous, beautiful and has brown eyes that add to the sexy face she has. She looks really great and has a beauty in her looks that when accessorised makes her look more hot. She is a Dutch nationality and a model who has gained huge popularity in the fashion world. She is just nineteen years of age and has already grown to the height of five feet and ten inches. She was born in Amsterdam and shares the brown ethnicity and has a descent of Moroccan and Egyptian. She has talked nothing more about her family and her life in real in public nor has she mentioned where her inspirations came from. Her parents must have been really proud of her in a sense that she has pursued what she was interested in and has been doing great work.

Imaan has a net worth of 13 million Euro. For this hot model, that much of worth should be a motivation to keep continuing her career in the same sector. In fact, the career path even in its early phase has proven to be successful for this model. She should have certainly thought of doing many more works that she would be loved for. The chance of being discovered by an agent of CODE Management in the Central Station itself was the bell of success that rang at her door. She grabbed the opportunity and harnessed her talents to utilize the opportunity and made the most of it.

Imaan can be considered as an inspiration for those young girls who want to get into the world of modeling. She has had her chances to be sent to Paris and was also honored by having given the opportunity to open the Givenchy show and because she did it so well, it can be considered as exclusive. She has appeared in various issues of Vogue; American, Italian and French. She has been able to secure her chance to appear in the American Vogue for the September cover; all the models can’t have that chance but Imaan did. Having already worked for Prada, Balenciaga, Versace, Fendi, etc. she has been able to be recognized as a face full of wonder and person filled with huge potential.

Imaan has a very interesting account in Instagram. She has posted gorgeous pictures of her in there, those pictures look like they are from her fashion shows and from everyday clicks. From the posts in the Instagram, we can’t say if she has a boyfriend who she is dating currently. But she can be found to be posing pictures where she has kissed men so confidently. We can also see that most of the young people have followed her in Instagram and the number of fans have reached to more than one hundred and seventy-five thousand. In order to know more about her and the works that she has done, her biography can be read in the Wikipedia and her profile can be searched in the website of Vogue.